John E. Abernathy Family Cemetery
Located approx. 400 yd. west of Prestwood Rd. (Route 646) down an old farm/logging path. The gated entrance at the road is 1.2 miles north of Liberty Rd. (Route 634). The cemetery has become terribly overgrown and several very large trees have fallen down across it, undoubtedly covering graves. Many unmarked and sunken graves are here, too.
Latitude:36º 50' 42.0" N   (36.845000)
Longitude:77º 52' 49.7" W   (-77.880472)

P.S. Abernathy CO. E
Rosa B. Abernathy22 Sep 1846 —1 Sep 1907In memory of
Sleep mother dear and
take thy rest
God called thee home
He thought it best
This is a government-issued military marker.
Pvt. Percival Smith Abernathy married Rosa R.B. Elmore, CWS f BCV, pp. 21, 29, 31-32, 35, 66, 153, 178.

Hattie L. Abernathy29 Sep 1877 —11 Nov 1888In memory of
Daughter of
P.S. & R.B. Abernathy
At rest
See CWS f BCV, p. 36.

John E. Abernathy CO E
This stone is a government-issued military marker.
This is Cpl. John Edward Abernathy, CWS f BCV, pp. 33-34.

Walton Willard Abernathy26 Apr 1903 —June 18, 19??In memory of
Son of
??? & ?? B. Abernathy
Asleep in Jesus
The face of this stone has begun to flake off and is impossible to read. A transcription in 1998 identified his birth as 20 Apr 1903, his death as 18 June 1932, and the inscription as J & LB Abernathy.
The parents of this child were presumably Walton James Abernathy who married his first cousin Lucy Belle Abernathy, a daughter of P.S. Abernathy who is buried here, CWS f BCV, p. 32.

Martha AbernathyApril 1835 —17 Apr 1904Wife of
W.M. Abernathy
Blessed are the
pure in heart for
they shall see God
This stone has become extreamly difficult to read.
Martha Ann Daniel, wife of William Mormon Abernathy, CWS f BCV, pp. 36-7.

William M. Abernathy24 Jan 1839 —22 Feb 1918Co E
This is a government-issued military marker.
Pvt. William Mormon Abernathy, CWS f BCV, pp. 36-7.

William C. Abernathy —1862Died 1862
His wife
Rebecca Abernathy —1870Died 1870
In loving memory of our
Father and Mother
Rebecca Moore, who married William Abernathy, died 19 October 1870, CWS f BCV, p. 33.

Rocella P. Abernathy1851 —1918
Rosetta Abernathy, daughter of John E. Abernathy, CWS f BCV, p. 33.

David E. Elmore1 Feb 1856 —24 Dec 1928
David Elmore, age 42, was head of a household in Red Oak District in 1900 that included his then 75-year-old mother, Desdemonia, Family 332.

Desdamona V. Elmore18 Nov 1822 —29 Jun 1912Wife of
E.G. Elmore
By D.E. Elmore
Desdemona Robins married Edward J. Elmore, CWS f BCV, p. 35.
The following two stones that appeared in a transcription made in 1998 are no longer visible, presumably crushed beneath the fallen trees.

Fenton J. Abernathy1877 —1941
Fenton Thomas Abernathy, son of John E. Abernathy, CWS f BCV, pp. 33-4.

John A. Abernathy1873 —1953
Dates are difficult to read.
John A. Abernathy (1871-1943), son of John E. Abernathy, CWS f BCV, pp. 33-4.
According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Pvt. Henry B. Daniel, and wife, Anna M. Abernathy, are buried here in unmarked graves, CWS f BCV, p. 143.

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