Claiborne Family Cemetery
Located in the backyard of a home with the address of 3644 Iron Bridge Road, Lawrenceville, VA. This is at the intersection of Iron Bridge Road (Route 715) and Ogburn Road (Route 713).
Latitude:36º 44' 9.8" N   (36.736056)
Longitude:77º 50' 42.6" W   (-77.845167)

This cemetary contains the remains of George Claiborne, his wife, Virginia C. Turnbull, and their son Sgt. George Claiborne Jr.

Serg. George Claiborne7 Sep 1834 —13 Apr 18802D CO I
This is a govt. issued military stone.

George Claiborne7 Sep 1834 —5 May 1880Blessed ????????
This broken stone has been repaired by the local Sons of Confederate Veterans. 2 lines of wording on the bottom are illegible. This stone also contains the information for his son George Claiborne Jr. on the back side.
According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, George Claiborne died Apri 13, 1880, CWS f BCV, p. 102.

George Claiborne Jr.3 Aug 1864 —29 Nov 1910Blessed are they that mourn for
They shall be comforted.
As previously stated, this is on the back side of his father's stone, noted above.

???? 27, 18?? —6 Jun 1915???
Although broken and illegible this is the headstone for George Claiborne Sr.'s wife, Virginia C. Turnbull as proved by her death certificate via which gives the same date of death as is on the stone, June 6, 1915.

This small cemetery, approx. 15 X 20 ft, is enclosed by a rock wall only about 1 foot tall. The 3 stones noted here are the only stones and there is no obvious evidence of any other graves. The cemetery was once inside a pasture with cattle and over the years had been trampled by livestock and all the stones were overturned and buried. It has since been restored by the local Sons of Confederate Veterans and the cattle fence was moved to situate the cemetery outside the pasture.

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