Leroy James Clary Family Cemetery
This well-kept cemetery is located approx. 100 yd. off the west side of an old logging road, 0.2 mi. north of Hill Creek Rd. (Route 658) and 1.8 mi. west of Robinson Ferry Rd. (Route 644). Six other graves are marked only with fieldstones.
Latitude:36º 41' 25.8" N   (36.690500)
Longitude:77º 58' 43.7" W   (-77.978806)
This cemetery contains the remains of Leroy James Clary, his wife, Ida Washington Clary, and the family of daughters Mattie Lee, Annie, Mary, Sophia, Fannie, Louida, and Lena Clary.

Fannie Weston Clary1881 —1945
In 1930 Fannie and five children were living in Meherrin District in the household of Ebb B. Finch, presumably her father. All are buried nearby: Ebb (Elbert in census records), Robert, Edward, George, and Betty H. Clary, the wife of William Vaughan, Family 186. This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Ebb Clary1919 —1989
This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Robert Lee Clary1915 —1979
This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Edward Mitchell Clary20 Aug 1927 —11 Sep 1987A father to us always

George Lewis Clary1926 —1994
This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Mary A.H. Blanton31 Jan 1885 —31 Jan 1917Wife of Edwin Blanton
Not lost but gone before
Mary A.H. Clary, wife of Edwin Blanton, who is thought to be buried nearby, CWS f BCV, p. 114.

Inas Hyman Vaughan3 Feb 1943 —
Claude Percious Vaughan25 Jan 1933 —30 Jul 1998

Shawn V. Hammock1972 —2005
This is a small metal funeral home marker.

Henrietta Clary —15 Dec 1914Daughter of
A.L.J. & Ida Clary
Died Dec 15, 1914
Age 19 yrs. 10 mths
Something each day a smile
It is not much to give
and the little gifts of life
make sweet the days we live
Reported to have been born 16 Feb 1895, CWS f BCV, p. 114.

Charlie Lee Vaughan1929 —1935

Annie M. Blanton —29 Aug 1911Wife of
L.P. Blanton
Died Aug 29, 1911
Age 31 yrs.
Honored, beloved and wept
here mother lies
Annie Clary married Linwood Paul Blanton, CWS f BCV, p. 114.

Charlie J. Vaughan1898 —1969
Louida C. Vaughan1896 —1957Always remembered
Louida Clary married Charlie Vaughan, CWS f BCV, pp. 114-15.

Lucius G. Vaughan19 May 1917 —22 Feb 1964Virginia
World War II
This is a government-issued military marker.

William L. Vaughan14 Jul 1919 —29 Mar 1981
Betty H. Vaughan1 Oct 1917 —Together always

J.B. Clary13 Apr 1877 —16 Mar 1939

Mattie L. Hall29 Feb 1873 —11 Oct 1928Wife of W.B. Hall
Note that February 1873 did not have 29 days.
William Burwell Hall married Mattie Lee Clary, daughter of James Lee Clary, CWS f BCV, pp. 114, 227-28.

Leroy James Clary18 Jul 1851 —2 Aug 1930
Ida Washington Clary2 Mar 1855 —16 Mar 1926GBNF
Leroy James Clary, who went by the names Lee James Clary and James Lee Clary, married Ida Washington Clary, CWS f BCV, p. 114.

Said to be buried here in unmarked graves are Willie Finch, Lena Clary who married Alexander Blanton, a small son of Sophia Clary and Willie Finch, a small son of Fannie (Clary) Wesson, and Clark Blanton, a small son of Annie M. Blanton.

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