Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Address:30 Harpers Bridge Rd.
Rawlings 23876
Founded in 1826, Concord Presbyterian Church is the oldest Presbyterian church still in service in Brunswick County. Its cemetery measures 275 ft x 175 ft.
Latitude:36º 57' 25.5" N   (36.957093)
Longitude:77º 47' 52.0" W   (-77.797774)
GNIS ID:1465165

Thomas Thweatt Jones, D.D.23 Aug 1836 —25 May 1903Erected to the memory of
by his loving wife and children.
His works do follow him.
Margaret Ann Bolling Jones24 Mar 1840 —11 Oct 1917Erected to the memory of
Wife of Thomas Thweatt Jones
by her loving children.
Let us hear the conclusion of the
whole matter: Fear God and keep his
commandments, for this is the whole
duty of man.
Thomas Thweatt Jones, an elder of Concord, married Margaret Ann Bolling, CWS f BCV, pp. 292-3.

John Lisle Tucker2 Nov 1877 —4 Aug 1946

Mary Jones Tucker11 Feb 1879 —12 Jun 1954
Mary Barnett Jones married John Tucker, CWS f BCV, p. 293.

Alex. Feild Tucker13 Jun 1914 —1 Feb 1917

Campbell G. Chambliss6 Jun 1916 —3 Sep 2006LT COL US ARMY
Jo Anne Heizer Chambliss14 Jun 1927 —wife of Campbell G. Chambliss
Campbell G. Chambliss married Jo Anne Heizer, CWS f BCV, pp. 95, 282, 293, 441.

Mary Barnett Tucker15 Oct 1910 —11 Oct 1918

Marshall B. Heizer1898 —1973
May D. Heizer1904 —1958

Lula F. Edmunds1867 —1945

John F. Edmunds1860 —1938

William H. Edmunds1856 —1896

Mattie Edmunds Waters6 May 1880 —9 Dec 1959

Three stones with initials only are likely Edmunds: G.W.E., J.F.E., and A.C.E.

Thomas Castleton Edmunds20 Jan 1855 —11 Jun 1931

Nannie Thweatt Edmunds25 Jan 1881 —2 Feb 1969
Nannie Atkinson Thweatt married Thomas Edmunds, CWS f BCV, pp. 558-59.

Lillie S. Hundley3 May 1900 —9 Nov 1945AT REST

Roger B. Snead25 Jun 1908 —30 May 1923son of S.A. & Eva W. Snead
Gone But Not Forgotten

Roger Gregory Jones13 Feb 1854 —28 Dec 1891Son of
Francis F. Jones and
Sally G. Thweatt Jones
See CWS f BCV, p. 281.

Anna Westmore Feild7 Jan 1856 —28 Jan 1946Blessed are the pure in heart.

Dr. Hume Feild10 Nov 1829 —15 Aug 1891He was beloved by God and man.
Not on this perishing stone, but in
The book of life and in the heart
of thy afflicted friends is thy
worth record.
Dr. Feild married Anna Westmoreland Atkinson, CWS f BCV, pp. 192-3.

Thomas Thweatt Atkinson Jr.10 Mar 1920 —17 Apr 2004Married October 11, 1947
Lucile McMillin Atkinson25 Jun 1925 —

Lt. Col. William Meade Feild15 May 1837 —17 Jun 1895CO F 3 REGT
This is as military-issue headstone.
See CWS f BCV, p. 194.

Nancy Pryor Atkinson4 Dec 1930 —20 Feb 1934DAUGHTER OF
Thomas T. and Bessie E.

Thomas T. Atkinson18 Sep 1890 —25 Mar 1944
Bessie Edmunds Atkinson8 Jun 1891 —27 Nov 1980

Thomas P. Baird27 Jun 1852 —10 Apr 1906
Eliza C. Baird15 Nov 1851 —18 Nov 1939
Thomas P. Baird married Eliza C. Baird, CWS f BCV, p. 47.

Clara Wilson Atkinson14 Oct 1889 —23 Nov 1944So He giveth his beloved sleep.

Maria Jones Atkinson22 Jul 1864 —8 Sep 1941I love that my Redeemer liveth.

Clara F. Atkinson26 Jul 1823 —28 Jul 1912Sacred to the memory of
our dear Mother.
Beloved wife of R.P. Atkinson
A sinner saved by grace.
Roger Pryor Atkinson18 Aug 1819 —24 Jun 1888Meet me in Heaven
He died as he lived a Christian.
I shall be satisfied when
I awake with Him in Heaven.
Roger P. Atkinson married Clara F. Wilson in Brunswick County 16 December (bond) 1852, BCVM, p. 12.

Thomas T. Atkinson Jr.10 Mar 1920 —17 Apr 2004US ARMY
A military plaque for Thomas.

Thomas Wilson Atkinson28 Oct 1853 —14 Dec 1931Son of
Roger P. & Clara W. Atkinson

Edward T. Powell CO I
Mrs. E.T. Powell —
A Confederate miltary issue headstone.
Edward T. Powell married Anna (-) Powell who is presumably the Mrs. E.T. Powell depicted on this stone, CWS f BCV, pp. 442-3.

Mrs. William Powell 

Bettie Baird Thweatt9 Jul 1840 —18 May 1916ON WINGS OF LOVE
Sacred to the memory of
our dear Mother.
Francis Fitzgerald Thweatt28 Aug 1837 —15 May 1919ON WINGS OF LOVE
Sacred to the memory of
our dear Father.
Cpl. Francis Fitzgerald Thweatt married Bettie Westmore Rousee Baird, CWS f BCV, p. 558.

Samuel H. Blick20 Jul 1868 —20 Jun 1921LOVING MEMORY
Peace, Perfect Peace
Samuel Hardaway Blick, CWS f BCV, p. 68.

George Leonard Blick1 Apr 1872 —1 Nov 1916In remembrance of
My Beloved Husband.
Thy will be done.
God knows the way, He holds the key
He guides us with unerring hand.
sometime with tearless eyes we'll see,
As there up there we'll understand.
Kate Keen Baird married first George Blick and second, John Alexander Feild who are here. She is in Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery near a stone with George Blick's name, CWS f BCV, pp. 68, 138, 193.

John Alexander Feild11 Jun 1879 —14 Dec 1930IN LOVING MEMORY OF
My Dear Husband
Asleep in Jesus
He turned my darkness into light,
This blessed Christ of Calvary.
I'll praise his name both day and
That mother's prayers followed me.

William Talley Cunningham19 May 1862 —4 Jan 1931
Margaret A. Cunningham14 Nov 1867 —19 Nov 1904IN HEAVEN
Wife of WM.T. Cunningham
I have glorified thee on the
earth; I have finished the
work which tho gavest
me to do. John XVII 4
Margaret Arrington Cunningham married W.T. Cunningham, CWS f BCV, p. 138.

J.A. Cunningham1 Apr 1895 —21 May 1914In loving remembrance of
My beloved son.
James A. Cunningham, CWS f BCV, p. 138.

James A. Cunningham19 Dec 1916 —19 Jan 1917Son of T.G. & L.A. Cunningham

Lillian A. Cunningham19 Dec 1916 —7 Jun 1917Daughter of T.G & L.A. Cunningham
James A. & Lillian A. Cunninghams' stones are very worn, it is possible may have the same birthdate and their death dates may be off.
These two infants were children of Thomas Godrich Cunningham, CWS f BCV, p. 138.

John Pryor Atkinson18 Mar 1897 —17 Jul 1955VIRGINIA
This is a military-issue plaque.
See CWS f BCV, p. 293.

John Pryor Atkinson24 May 1858 —2 Nov 1911And their children shall
rise up and call them blessed.
Sally Jones Atkinson14 Oct 1860 —14 Nov 1943
Sarah Green Jones married J.P. Atkinson, CWS f BCV, p. 293.

Clara Atkinson Walton18 Aug 1901 —21 Jan 1925The Lord had need of her.
See CWS f BCV, p. 293.

Agnes Reid Thweatt8 Oct 1886 —8 Aug 1971At Rest.
Agnes Reid Baird married first John Baird Thweatt, and second, his brother Willie Feild Thweatt, CWS f BCV, pp. 558-59.

John Baird ThweattApr 1917 —Jul 1917

 Infant son of
W.F. & A.R. Thweatt

 —Jun 1913Infant Daughter of
W.F. & A.R. Thweatt

John James Thweatt20 Jun 1879 —8 Apr 1908In loving remembrance of
My dear Husband.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
The remainder of the inscription is illegible.

Willie Feild Thweatt20 Nov 1877 —15 Aug 1957AT REST

Mrs. Louisa Jones Keesee4 Dec 1816 —23 Mar 1896In loving remembrance of
She hath done what she could.

Mary Thweatt11 Dec 1848 —24 Apr 1916Daughter of Archibald & Sarah
She hath done what she could.
Daughter of Archibald Thweatt and Sarah Catherine Fitzgerald, CWS f BCV, p. 558.

Bland Harrison Baird —15 Oct 1881aged 2 years & 2 mo
In memory of
second child of
N.H. & L.H. Baird
This lovely bud is young and fair,
Called hence by early doom
Just came to show how
sweet a flower,
In paradise would bloom.

Nathaniel Harrison Baird23 Oct 1849 —27 Mar 1919
Elizabeth Holcombe Baird29 Jul 1857 —21 Dec 1941
Nathaniel Harrison Baird married Elizabeth Holcombe, CWS f BCV, pp. 68, 558.

Richard Phillip Heartwell21 Dec 1930 —
Martha B. Atkinson Heartwell31 Mar 1929 —23 Oct 2003Married Dec. 27, 1952

Meade Randolph Atkinson5 Feb 1905 —13 Oct 1987
Grace Charlton Atkinson13 Jul 1905 —24 Sep 1997

Willie Fitzgerald Thweatt21 Jul 1912 —2 Jun 1913Oh such is the kingdom of Heaven.

Charles M. Tucker14 Apr 1939 —14 Dec 2007Husband of Mildred Tucker
My chains are gone,
I am set free.

Sterling Heartwell Tucker26 Aug 1888 —22 Jul 1966
Willie Claire Tucker21 Dec 1898 —16 Sep 1981

Sterling H. Tucker Jr.8 Nov 1920 —6 Mar 1947

Edward Cumming Tucker11 Sep 1931 —12 Sep 1931
A large family stone for Harrison

 Infants of
L.C. and Clara T. Harrison

Clara Tucker Harrison5 Dec 1898 —8 Jun 1969
L. Corling Harrison19 Jul 1893 —9 Jan 1973
Clara Tucker married Leonidas Corling Harrison, CWS f BCV, p. 246.

Thomas Tucker 

Helen Lisle Tucker23 Apr 1858 —17 Jun 1899wife of Willie Tucker
Gone But Not Forgotten
William Cumming Tucker19 Aug 1856 —22 Apr 1918GBNF

Ara Lucy Tucker24 Dec 1865 —29 Jan 1934

Gunn Infant 

Freeling A. Wells16 Dec 1877 —9 Sep 1906Gone But Not Forgotten
In memory of my beloved Husband
Since ? ? ?
To shower me with thy love
I have ? ? With the ?
? ? ? bright world
Freeling Abraham Wells, CWS f BCV, p. 591.

Maria Louise Edmunds23 Aug 1859 —15 Feb 1935
William Feild Baird11 Jan 1850 —13 Mar 1932

Margaret Harvey Jones1 Mar 1875 —25 Apr 1892Daughter of
Wm. F. & Ella M. Jones
See CWS f BCV, p. 294.

Rie J. Powell1884 —1967
Nell J. Powell1885 —1966
Nellie Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 282.

Hume Meade Jones16 Aug 1886 —27 Dec 1918
See CWS f BCV, p. 285.

Francis G. Jones —11 Dec 1898Sacred to the memory of
Aged 60 years
A token of love by his wife and children.
May we meet in Heaven.
Lt. Francis Green Jones married Emma M. Feild, CWS f BCV, pp. 284-85.

Emma M. Jones10 Apr 1847 —27 Jun 1914Sacred to the memory of
Asleep in Jesus.
A token of love by her children.

Channing Feild Jones24 Feb 1867 —2 Feb 1930
See CWS f BCV, pp. 284-5.

Margaret A. Tucker29 Oct 1928 —23 Sep 1945“PEGGY”

Josephine A. TuckerAug 1924 —Jul 1925

Walter Boisseau Tucker Sr.27 Nov 1890 —12 Aug 1959
Margaret Alexander Tucker17 Mar 1895 —9 Nov 1978

Gideon C. Sturt20 Jun 1863 —17 Jun 1906In memory of
Gone But Not Forgotten

Mary Sturt4 Feb 1860 —13 Feb 1913

Ella Morrison Jones13 Jun 1845 —3 Mar 1889In Loving Memory of
Wife of William F. Jones
She hath done what she could.
William Fitzgerald Jones8 Oct 1844 —19 Oct 1903In Rememberance of My Husband
In yonder world all bright and free
This ? of the ?
We'll meet and know each other there
And there together rest.
An iron cross with raised inscription
DEO VINDICE 1861-1865
Sgt. William Fitzgerald Jones married first Ella Morrison and second Mary D. (Feild) Wilson who is buried nearby, CWS f BCV, p. 294.

Mary D. Jones17 Aug 1855 —25 Nov 1915Wife of William F. Jones (second)
A loving sister and faithful friend,
None knew her but to love her.

Ellen Meade Feild16 May 1831 —20 Jul 1914In Loving Memory of Our Mother
Wife of the Late Dr. Andrew Feild
Thy memory shall ever be a
guiding Star to Heaven.
Ellen Feild married Dr. Andrew Meade Feild and nearby is her daughter Ellen, CWS f BCV, pp. 193, 282, 294.

Eddie Wilson Jones —16 Jun 1899Aged 11 years & 11 days
son of Jas. A. & E.M. Jones

James A. Jones Sr.5 May 1851 —6 Apr 1909IN LOVING REMEMBRANCE OF
Ellen Meade Feild Jones17 Sep 1853 —29 Mar 1922OUR MOTHER
wife of James A. Jones
Asleep in Jesus.
Ellen Meade Feild married James A. Jones Sr., and nearby are children Nellie, Hattye, Eddie, James Jr., and Andrew, CWS f BCV, p. 282.

Ellen Grey Jones —28 Jun 1912In memory of Our Darling
Daughter of J.A. & L.G. Jones
Age 2 years, 6 months and 15 days.
And Jesus said,
Suffer the children and
come unto me, and forbid them not;
for such is the kingdom of Heaven.

Joseph Meade Jones2 Feb 1904 —11 Jun 1913Son of J.A. & L.G. Jones
This gravestone is difficult to read, years may be off.

Cecil White Jones6 Sep 1903 —24 Sep 1918son of James A. & Lucy G. Jones
By Sunnyside High School
His memory is blessed.

Lucy Grey White Jones1874 —1943wife of James A. Jones, Jr.
James A. Jones Jr.1876 —1939
Lucy Gray White married James A. Jones Jr. and nearby are three children who died young, CWS f BCV, p. 282.

Emily Jones Hoey9 Jul 1917 —28 Jan 1992

Samuel Cains Wells17 Jun 1904 —27 Oct 1907In Memory of
Said they of all
This is my son,
whom I love;
with him I am well pleased.
Mat 3:17

David F. Wells4 Feb 1844 —25 Dec 1923In memory of our dear Father
Emma S. Wells14 Nov 1864 —4 Jul 1938In memory of our dear Mother

Maurice Allan Holderby9 Apr 1903 —16 Mar 1922

Anderson D. Holderby1866 —1935

William Clifton Smith12 May 1910 —6 Apr 1976
Virginia Tucker Smith4 Sep 1916 —

Edward Cummins Tucker27 Feb 1880 —27 Dec 1945
Annie G. Lucy Tucker7 Oct 1883 —15 Apr 1941

Archibald Thweatt Bourdon10 Mar 1886 —11 May 1934
Alice Pope Bourdon17 Sep 1881 —3 Sep 1948THREE INFANTS
Archibald Thweatt Bourdon married Alice Pope, CWS f BCV, p. 441.

Nora F. Chambliss5 May 1859 —2 Jun 1928

Roger S. Chambliss14 Dec 1856 —10 Mar 1943
Roger S. Chambliss married Nora Feild, CWS f BCV, p. 95.

Jane G. Baird16 Aug 1832 —29 Apr 1905
See CWS f BCV, p. 47.

Nannie P. Baird2 Feb 1846 —6 Aug 1923AT REST
See CWS f BCV, p. 47.

1 Sep 1905 —3 Sep 1905OUR BABY SON
Infant of
W.T. & Hattye B. White
A little child shall lead them.

William T. White1878 —1969
Hattye B. White1874 —1948
Hattye B. Jones married W.T. White, CWS f BCV, p. 282.

Orline Wilson White22 Oct 1906 —31 May 1988
See CWS f BCV, p. 282.

Mildred B. White3 Apr 1909 —8 Dec 1955

David Wells Ogburn24 Aug 1925 —3 Feb 1964VIRGINIA

Marcellus G. Roberts7 May 1923 —28 June 1985TEC 5 US ARMY

William Archibald Jones17 Aug 1916 —29 Oct 1916OUR DARLING
infant son of A.M. & A.G. Jones

Andrew Meade Jones10 Jun 1882 —21 Jun 1942
Annie Harrison Jones3 Dec 1888 —21 Jun 1942
Annie Gray Harrison married A.M. Jones, CWS f BCV, pp. 246, 282.

Nora Jones Heizer Chambliss1 Oct 1917 —2 Dec 2002

Carrie Wells Gunn26 Oct 1868 —9 Nov 1957
Sarah Caroline Wells married William Everett Gunn, CWS f BCV, p. 591.

Myrtie F. Wells24 Sep 1866 —5 Apr 1953
Frances Myrtelle Wells married John Edward Young, CWS f BCV, p. 591.

Robert Almonte Wells6 Dec 1870 —2 Jul 1961
Brother of Carrie Gunn, CWS f BCV, p. 591.

Freeling H. Wells CO G 41 VA INF C.S.A.
A Confederate military headstone.
Pvt. Freeling Huyson Wells married Martha Emma Baldwin, CWS f BCV, p. 591.

Emma Baldwin Wells27 Jul 1845 —4 Jan 1932

E. Ross Wells20 Feb 1894 —27 Mar 1969
Everett Ross Wells, CWS f BCV, p. 591.

James Theodore Doyle8 Apr 1899 —13 Aug 1980
Carolyn Hill Doyle12 Jan 1910 —24 Sep 1999
James Theodore Doyle married Carolyn Hill, CWS f BCV, p. 160.

Thomas Randolph Manson8 Aug 1890 —9 Jun 1953

Louise Hill Manson13 Jun 1888 —15 Aug 1979
Louise Hill married T.R. Manson, CWS f BCV, p. 356.

Charlotte M. Cox17 Aug 1884 —26 Aug 1916EVEN SO FATHER
Charlotte Manson married James Thomas Cox, CWS f BCV, p. 356.

Ashby Manson10 Oct 1856 —30 Nov 1935AT REST
Bettie P. Manson10 Jun 1857 —3 Dec 1917Wife of Ashby Manson
Elizabeth Patterson Cunningham married Ashby Manson, CWS f BCV, p. 356.

Edwin Burwell Manson13 Dec 1888 —25 Nov 1931

 Infant of Geo. F. Chambliss

George Feild Chambliss21 May 1889 —25 Apr 1972
Annie Edmunds Chambliss12 Sep 1894 —20 Nov 1979
George Feild Chambliss married Annie Edmunds, CWS f BCV, p. 95.

Roger Lee Chambliss25 Sep 1887 —25 Oct 1967
Ellen Wilson Chambliss29 Mar 1900 —20 Dec 1992
Brother of George, CWS f BCV, p. 95.

Mary Elizabeth Pritchett10 Nov 1880 —11 Mar 1933wife of L.B. Pritchett
Luther B. Pritchett1883 —1963
Luther Benjamin Pritchett married Mary Elizabeth Clark, CWS f BCV, p. 354.

Melvin Fackler1898 —1927Sweet is thy slumber.

Mrs. Folwkes 

J.F. Folwkes 

Clarence Folwkes 

R.C. Hood13 Sep 1861 —20 Oct 1942

Robert H. Hood8 Jul 1902 —20 Oct 1947
Son of Robert C. Hood, CWS f BCV, p. 579.


William Dennis Fraher3 Oct 1887 —25 Sep 1954EVEN SO FATHER
Helen Tucker Fraher26 Aug 1884 —26 Sep 1946EVEN SO FATHER
Helen Tucker married William Dennis Fraher Sr. and nearby is son, Elliott, CWS f BCV, pp. 478-79.

Elliott Ryland Fraher25 Nov 1908 —26 Nov 1931In Loving Remembrance
of Our Dear Boy
son of Willie & Hellen Fraher
God's will be done.

Edward Carrington Amos25 Jan 1879 —11 Apr 1945

Mary Tucker Amos26 Aug 1887 —7 Nov 1961

Pearl D. Roberts25 May 1899 —26 Mar 1995
Joseph W. Roberts10 Oct 1899 —9 Feb 1971

Virginia A. Roberts1869 —1948

William Henry Taylor28 Jul 1872 —20 Jan 1938

Mary Elizabeth Taylor1 Sep 1877 —29 Dec 1951
Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Pritchett married William Henry “Buck” Taylor, CWS f BCV, p. 538.

Gertrude Taylor Pritchett27 Feb 1884 —15 Jul 1962

Ronald Earnest Pritchett1916 —1980US ARMY WORLD WAR II

Eva Smith Cairnes17 Jan 1930 —3 Oct 1986AN INSPIRATION TO

Marshall Lee Williams23 Jan 1917 —2 Apr 1979
Annie Vaughn Williams7 May 1919 —4 Jan 2006
Marshall Lee Williams married Annie Vaughn, CWS f BCV, p. 607.

Marshall Lee Williams1917 —1979PVT US ARMY
A second military stone for Marshall.

Lois Annette Williams11 Mar 1945 —4 Jun 1945Gone to be an angel.

Joseph Leah Hood13 May 1903 —18 Jan 1986

Richard Hawes Manson, M.D.17 Feb 1883 —3 Jul 1955

Fannie Greene Manson26 Mar 1884 —1 Jan 1963
Fannie Greene married R.H. Manson, CWS f BCV, p. 356.

Effie Greene Reed3 Dec 1885 —19 Aug 1972

Harriet Surber 

Adeline Kimball Surber26 Dec 1894 —14 Nov 1945

Beatrice C. Dalve8 Aug 1909 —11 Jul 2005

Clarence L. Dalve14 Feb 1899 —28 Sep 1971

John Lisle Tucker28 Sep 1908 —19 Oct 1952
Margaret Rose Tucker23 Oct 1912 —19 Aug 1997

John Lisle Tucker, III5 Apr 1936 —

Elliott Scott Tucker17 Jun 1942 —

Eleanor Phyllis Thompson31 Dec 1919 —25 Dec 1990

Helen Fraher Keck5 Jul 1914 —3 Aug 2004
Helen Rose Fraher married first Steele Hardy, second Teddy Keck, CWS f BCV, p. 478.

Steele Cicero Hardy26 Jan 1907 —29 Dec 1961

Melvin A. Fackler1924 —1987

Alma R. Fackler27 Jun 1902 —31 May 1994

Marjorie Earle Fackler9 Nov 1922 —29 Oct 2003

Elizabeth Bottoms Oakley26 Nov 1903 —1 Sep 1985
Henry Thomas Oakley18 Jun 1901 —10 Mar 1979

Craig Catterson1878 —1955

Florence V. Catterson1 Jan 1875 —28 May 1950
A large family stone for Sturt

Watson J. Sturt23 Nov 1869 —23 Aug 1949

Nannie M. Sturt12 Aug 1881 —9 Mar 1956
Nannie Manson married Watson J. Sturt, CWS f BCV, p. 356.

Watson J. Sturt Jr.28 Sep 1911 —29 Mar 2002IN MEMORY OF

Elizabeth Sturt15 May 1914 —27 Mar 2002

Stephen Murphy Sadler25 Apr 1893 —26 Nov 1952

Sabra S. Russell10 Jun 1910 —6 Jul 2002

Lewis H. Johnson Jr.5 Mar 1916 —14 Jan 1953VIRGINIA

Charlotte S. Johnson3 Jun 1924 —
A large family stone for Ogburn

John Alexander Ogburn25 Oct 1936 —9 Nov 1957VIRGINIA

James Collier Ogburn1 Mar 1895 —8 Dec 1957

Lucinda Wells Ogburn19 Mar 1902 —8 Feb 1982

John Henry Roberts24 Aug 1895 —12 Jul 1958

Lillie Martin Roberts24 Nov 1906 —9 May 2001

Marvin H. Roberts15 Jun 1911 —23 Sep 1972
Mildred W. Roberts5 Nov 1912 —2 Oct 1999

Thomas Fitzgerald Edmunds19 Oct 1898 —25 Mar 1999born Dinwiddie Co., VA.
died Petersburg, VA.
Husband of
Lucy A.P. McILwaine Edmunds22 Apr 1903 —14 Apr 1986born Petersburg, VA.
died Dinwiddie Co., VA.
Wife of
Lucy Atkinson Pryor McIlwaine married T.F. Edmunds, CWS f BCV, p. 559.

Rev. Thomas Tinsley Traynham Jr.15 Jul 1919 —25 Nov 1998
Lucy Ann Edmunds Traynham1 Oct 1928 —29 Apr 2008
Rev. Thomas Tinsley Traynham Jr. married Lucy Ann Edmunds, CWS f BCV, p. 559.

Thomas T. Traynham Jr.15 Jul 1919 —25 Nov 1998MAJ US AIR FORCE
A second bronze mititary plaque.
A large family stone for Wells

John F. Wells8 Dec 1914 —1 Aug 1980

William Tally Manson7 Feb 1887 —2 Dec 1962
Laura Faison Manson20 Mar 1890 —25 Aug 1966wife of Wm. Tally Manson
William Tally Manson married Laura Faison, CWS f BCV, p. 356.

Cabell Manson25 Oct 1915 —19 Dec 1998
Helen Tucker Manson9 Apr 1918 —21 Jul 2003Married April 23 1949
Helen Lisle Tucker married Cabell Manson, CWS f BCV, p. 356.

Susan Douglas McCrohan24 Jul 1890 —30 Mar 1984

William Cumming Tucker27 Aug 1912 —19 Jan 1977
Margaret Rives Tucker14 Nov 1913 —4 Aug 1993

Edward Bolling Tucker6 Apr 1916 —11 May 2003“NED”
Nancy Gravatt Tucker23 Nov 1922 —

Edward Bolling Tucker6 Apr 1916 —11 May 2003LT US NAVY
A second military plaque for Edward.

James Albert Scott23 Aug 1907 —7 May 1983
Margaret Tucker Scott23 Feb 1918 —6 May 1988

Ben E. Baugh Jr.30 Jun 1917 —4 Feb 1999“BUDDY'
Dorothy R. Baugh9 Nov 1930 —

William Harrison Sr.1934 —2009

Lillian H. Cliborne15 Aug 1921 —26 Feb 1964

Garland Wright Lewis30 Apr 1919 —20 Sep 1993
Katherine Harrison Lewis5 Oct 1919 —
Garland Wright Lewis married Katherine Harrison, CWS f BCV, p. 246.

Ida S. Kile18 Dec 1914 —19 May 2005wife of William H. Kile
William Henry Kile10 Dec 1910 —1 Dec 1961TENNESSEE
A bronze military plaque.

William Archer Wells27 Oct 1872 —24 Aug 1951
Etta Vaughan Wells6 Oct 1873 —15 Nov 1957

Harry Davis Baird Jr.6 Sep 1920 —25 Jan 1984

Harry Davis Baird Sr.3 May 1895 —16 May 1960
Margaret Tucker Baird1 Apr 1896 —29 Jan 1962

Willie C. Lucy1873 —1953
Georgie C. Lucy1875 —1957

Willard W. Townsend29 Sep 1912 —23 Aug 1996IN LOVING MEMORY
Lena Wynn Townsend10 Mar 1916 —15 Dec 1975

Leonard Hudson Pope24 Jul 1893 —22 Nov 1966
Ruby Carter Pope30 Jun 1904 —16 Nov 2000

Julia W. Carter1 Jun 1886 —17 Dec 1972

Richard H. Lucy9 May 1906 —21 Jan 1985
Hazel C. Lucy3 Jan 1904 —2 May 1969

Marshall Brownlee Heizer Jr.17 Aug 1928 —14 Nov 2005
Joan Dalve Heizer5 Oct 1930 —1 Dec 2008

Maria Tucker McClure3 Jun 1892 —29 Dec 1966

Newman W. McClure Sr.22 Jun 1893 —6 Sep 1959NORTH CAROLINA
The following are transciptions on 10 gravestones moved from the Francis Jones Family Cemetery at “The Oaks” in 1985. They surround a large stone that reads, “Stones moved from the OAKS in 1985/Hon F.F. Jones/S.E. Jones/C.A. Pope/Hattie Pope/Tommie Jones/S.G. Jones infant of F.F. & S.G Jones/Alice Pope/Bettie Pope/Heber Jones.” Neither the graves nor footstones were moved.

Hon. Francis F. Jones9 Nov 1807 —2 Jul 1865Asleep in Jesus.
Sally Green Jones15 Jan 1813 —31 Aug 1854An affectionate wife
A tender Mother
And a consistent Christian
Her children raise up and
call her blessed, her husband
also, and he praiseth her
Dr. Francis Fitzgerald Jones married Sallie Green Thweatt, CWS f BCV, pp. 193, 281, 284-86, 292-945, 441.

Sarah Elizabeth Jones22 Nov 1831 —10 Jan 1857She sleeps in Jesus.
Lovely in life, Peaceful in death.
First born child of F.F. and S.G. Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 281.

 Infant Daughter of
Fras.F. & Sally G. Jones
Aged one month.
- - -
With no name on earth
but one in Heaven.
Suffer little children
to come unto me and
forbid them not for of
such is the kingdom
of Heaven.
See CWS f BCV, p. 293.

Tommie Jones —13 Dec 1888to the memory of
Eldest son of T.T & M.A. Jones
Who Died
in Edna Texas
in his 23rd year
- - -
Gone to Heaven
- - -
Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.

Reginald Heber Jones —1 Nov 1870Son of
T.T. & M.A Jones
Aged 20 mos.
It is well with the child.
By his sisters and brother.

Claiborne Anderson Pope13 Jun 1846 —2 Apr 1904In remembrance of
Eldest son of
A mere lad, he left the Virginia Military
Institute, 1863 Enlisted in the Confederate
Army and served in the 3 rd Virginia
Cavalry until the close of the the war with
the record of a brave and gallant
A good name is rather to be chosen
than great riches.
Alice Jones Pope9 May 1848 —13 Oct 1874In memory of
The beloved Wife of
C.A. Pope
4th Daughter of
F.F. & S.G.Jones
Entered into life
Oct 13, 1874
A token of her husband's
Precious in the sight of the
Lord is the death of this Saint.
Pvt. Claiborne Anderson Pope is here with two wives, both daughters of Francis Jones: Susan Alice Jones and Harriet Feild Jones. Claiborne was a son of James Turner Pope and Rebecca James Anderson, CWS f BCV, pp. 440-41.

Hattie Feild Jones Pope —22 Apr 1881In loving remembrance of
Wife of
C.A. Pope
and 3rd Daughter of
F.F. & S.G. Jones
Who departed this life
on the 22nd of April 1881
Aged 38 years, 5 months
& 26 days.
In heaven above where all is love
We will know no sorrow there.
Harriet Feild Jones, daughter of F.F. & S.G. Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 281.

Bettie Pope Beloved daughter of
C.A. and S.A. Pope
July 2, 1899
At Rest.
- - -
And God shall wipe away all tears
from their eyes and there shall be
no sorrow there, neither shall there
be any more pain.
- - -
In a short life full of pain and
suffering, her heart and hands were
ever open to the wants and sorrows
of others.
Elizabeth Pope, CWS f BCV, p. 441.

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