Conner Family Cemetery
Located approx. 200 yd behind a home with the address of 1733 Ebony Rd., Ebony, VA. At least 4 other graves are here as evidenced by fieldstones and/or uniform depressions, possibly many more.
Latitude:36º 34' 7.2" N   (36.568667)
Longitude:77º 59' 49.5" W   (-77.997083)

Henry Conner Co. D
This is a government-issued military marker.
Pvt. Henry J. Conner, CWS f BCV, p. 130.

Emma Ann Godsey8 Jan 1867 —13 Jul 1952Mother

Annie Laura Whitby14 Jun 1898 —15 Jul 1898Dau of J.W. & Lona Whitby
A little time on this earth

Till God for her, his angel sent

Mary Godsey —24 Sep 1912Died Sept 24, 1912
Age 45 yrs
As a wife devoted
As a mother affectionate
As a friend ever kind and true


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