Delbridge-Pugh Family Cemetery
Notes:Located on the east side of Vineland Rd. (Route 667) down a mile-long rutted and muddy path that originates on Vineland approx. 1 mi. south of Dry Bread Rd. (Route 611). This cemetery is approx. 20 ft square and is surrounded by an ornate 3 ft tall wire fence, half of which has fallen down. There is evidence of at least 4 other graves. Coordiantes may be off as much as 200 feet due to tree canopy.
Latitude:36º 37' 15.9" N   (36.621083)
Longitude:77º 49' 48.9" W   (-77.830250)
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This cemetery contains the remains of Francis Ellis Pugh who married Mary Roberta Delbridge, and their sons Robert and Joseph, among others, CWS f BCV, pp. 157, 232.

Francis Ellis Pugh7 Nov 1851 —30 Nov 1908Our Father

Robert Warner Pugh6 Jun 1876 —25 Jan 1887Son of
F.E. & M.R. Pugh

Joseph Miles Pugh25 Mar 1892 —28 Aug 1893Our Babe
Son of
F.E. & M.R. Pugh

According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Pvt. William Robert Delbridge is buried here with his father Warren Delbridge and stepmother Martha (-) Delbridge. Robert's wife, who predeceased him, is in the Delbridge Family Cemetery at their old home, CWS f BCV, pp. 156-57.

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