Feild Family Cemetery
Cemetery is located on the old plantation known as “Hobson's Choice.” The address of the very old home is 3576 Old Bridge Road, Dolphin, VA. The cemetery sits approx. 100 ft into a wooded area on the back side of a farm field, approx. 500 yards north of Old Bridge Road, from a point approx. one-quarter mile east of the above home address.
Latitude:36º 52' 23.1" N   (36.873083)
Longitude:77º 48' 47.2" W   (-77.813111)

William Meade Feild17 May 1828 —19 Aug 1852SACRED
To the memory of
Blessed is he that considered the poor,
The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.
A flat, thin stone standing over 4 ft tall.
See CWS f BCV, p. 193.

Although practically unreadable, this small 2 ft stone is believed to be that of William Meade Feild's sister, Catherine Field as Catherine is the only word on the stone that can be read. Other records indicate her date of birth - death as Oct. 18, 1832 - May 29, 1855.

Nannie Baxter Crowder28 Mar 1872 —7 Mar 1926“Nan”
Wife of
Joseph Ragsdale Johnson
This stone sits just outside the rock wall enclosed portion of the cemetery.
See CWS f BCV, p. 136.

Fannie L. Postman1904 —2000Nee Johnson
Mother of Teddy, Dick & Wayne
This stone sits just outside the rock wall enclosed portion of the cemetery.

Cemetery is very large, approx. 40 x 90 ft and is enclosed by a 2 ft thick rock wall ranging from 3 to 4 ft high. One other massive stone with no inscription inside the rock walled cemetery stands approx. 3 ft tall and more than 1 ft thick, with a rounded top.

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