Harrison Family Cemetery

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The following cemetery was recorded by J.R. Orgain Jr. on 5-2-86.
Back at Percy Taylor's we saw he had returned home, so sought his directions to the Palmer Cemetery. He kindly went with us back to the same dirt S.R. 683, and pointed out .3 miles from S.R. 683, going south again.
In a 35 ft tall pine block on the east side of the woods road. A cemetery with a rock wall around it, in a badly grown up area of thick vines and ground cover. Again, we found no Palmers (listed on monuments).

Sarah Walton Harrison13 Nov 1832 —19 Mar 1860Married 3-21-1850
White marble vault.
Depression on north of above

John B. Harrison19 Jul 1780 —5 Mar 1845age 64 and 6 mos.
Marble Monument, 4 ft tall.
This was on the Palmer place, per Percy Taylor, about one and one half miles north west of the Palmer Mansion (that must have been built by the Harrisons?) 6 depressions were visible in the cemetery, with rock walls in ruins and badly overgrown, size about 20 ft x 30 ft, in a pine block of about one acre.
Virginia Historical Society, records of J.R. Orgain Jr.

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