Hitchcock Family Cemetery
This cemetery is located approx 100 ft west of Reedy Creek Road and approx. 3 mi. north of the intersection of Hwy 58 and Reedy Creek Road. About 50 ft x 75ft, it is situated in a stand of tall trees across the road from a home with the address of 2962 Reedy Creek Road, Freeman, VA. Fieldstones indicate numerous other graves here.
Latitude:36º 48' 5.5" N   (36.801528)
Longitude:77º 42' 55.7" W   (-77.715472)

Pvt. Edward Hitchcock1836 —1874CO. F
This is a govt. issued military headstone.
Pvt. Edward Hitchcock, CWS f BCV, p. 261.

Brenda Moody Cox6 Apr 1947 —11 Jun 1998We Love You Always
Madison Lane Cox7 Jun 1942 —24 Dec 2002The Peacemaker
We Love You Always

Marvin Lee Moody21 Nov 1933 —18 Jun 2007

Marvin Russell Moody11 May 1908 —25 Sep 1973
Lillian Mitchell Moody6 Apr 1911 —26 Oct 1979

Henry James Moody1877 —1946

Fannie Moore Moody24 Sep 1886 —15 Jul 1940

Alpha Hitchcock Moore12 Nov 1845 —10 Jan 1928
Alpha A. Hitchcock married Albert Wade Moore in 1861, CWS f BCV, p. 261.

Albert Wade Moore24 Oct 1831 —24 May 1893

Frederick Stanley Moody9 Jul 1936 —1 Jan 1948
This cemetery is well maintained by descendants of those buried here, the Moody family, who live on the opposite side of the road from the cemetery.

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