Hobbs Family Cemetery
This cemetery is mentioned in the records of the Hobbs family as being “400 yards west of the Hobbs family home of Merry Oaks.” Merry Oaks has been described as being near the present Hobbs Chapel, which is located off Halifax Rd. (Route 603). The cemetery has been mentioned as being near Ante, a few miles away. Neither David Hobbs nor Buck Ivey have been able to locate this cemetery.

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Elizabeth Grizzard Hobbs1783 —28 Aug 1859

George Washington Hobbs1821 —1893
Pvt. George Washington Hobbs, son of Wiley Jones Hobbs, CWS f BCV, p. 262.

Willie Jones Hobbs II22 Oct 1810 —30 Jul 1885
He was the son of Willie Jones and Elizabeth Grizzard Hobbs. They lived on the plantation known as “Merry Oaks” near Ante. Willie Sr. built Hobbs Chapel, which is still standing but not used. Willie Sr. and Willie Jr. were both preachers there. Willie Jr., who was very wealthy, and paid to outfit an entire unit for military service in the Confederate Army.
See CWS f BCV, p. 262.

Willie Jones Hobbs1788 —4 Jul 1860
Wiley Hobbs, a 62-year-old wheelright, was residing in the household of George W. Hobbs in Brunswick County in 1850, Family 428.


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