James Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Address:9440 Christanna Hwy
Lawrenceville 23868
James Square Baptist Church was established in 1804 on a square acre of land. In 1904 a new church was constructed at the current location. Two monument stones indicate that Alice Ezell Samford and Muriel and Zenith Wright individually contributed land for the cemetery.
Latitude:36º 39' 0.5" N   (36.650147)
Longitude:77º 52' 5.0" W   (-77.868046)
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GNIS ID:1468632

Robert Lee “Bill” Ray27 Aug 1942 —24 Nov 2015
Brenda Faucette Ray18 Jan 1945 —June 29, 1962 in two wedding rings

William L. Sadler4 May 1915 —7 Dec 1981
Dorothy C. Sadler1 May 1920 —23 Apr 1999Gone, But Not Forgotten
Dorothy Clary married William L. Sadler, CWS f BCV, pp. 117, 484.

Elizabeth B. Wright5 Jun 1913 —2 Jul 2006
L. Evrage Wright15 May 1910 —9 May 1974Not My Will But Thine Be Done
Elizabeth J. Bowen married Lawrence Everage Wright, CWS f BCV, pp. 71, 642.

Lucy Della Wright23 Apr 1883 —11 Jun 1958
Lucy Della Clary married Napoleon Thomas Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 115.

Nicole Lee Wright27 Jun 1970 —27 Jun 1970Sweetly Sleeping

Leslie T. Wright Sr.20 Jan 1936 —28 Feb 1997
Leslie Thomas Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 642.

T.C. “Butch” Moore Jr.21 Aug 1937 —9 Feb 2009

Rachel Rollins Moore6 Aug 1931 —3 Aug 2001

T.C. Moore23 May 1892 —6 Jan 1946

Emma Maie Moore17 Sep 1894 —30 Nov 1987
Emma Maie Lynch married Thomas Cleveland Moore, CWS f BCV, pp. 338, 379.

Jonathan Clay Wright30 Nov 1984 —30 Nov 1984In God's Care...
and in My Heart

Edward Nathan Wright5 Sep 1936 —2 Oct 2002Running Bear
Jean Allen Wright17 Jul 1940 —
Stone inscribed with image of a race car with #2 and checkered flags.

Hattie Ruth Clary30 Jul 1893 —20 Sep 1925

Richard Washington Clary26 Dec 1891 —21 Jan 1984
Richard W. Clary married Ruth Lynch, CWS f BCV, p. 110.

Nora Cannon Clary23 May 1908 —22 Aug 1984

Kennon James Clary17 Jan 1930 —4 Apr 1931

Helen Lucile Bowen14 Jan 1923 —15 Oct 1925Dau of L.A. & F.R. Bowen
“Our Darling Baby”
We miss thee.
Daughter of Leslie A. Bowen and his second wife, Fannie Barnes, CWS f BCV, p. 71.

Leslie A. Bowen29 Oct 1878 —9 May 1931
See CWS f BCV, pp. 71, 378.

Cecil M. Bowen9 Apr 1911 —26 Jun 1971
Cecil Mortimer Bowen, CWS f BCV, p. 71.

Beulah Mae Bowen12 Dec 1915 —14 Jun 1997

Ruby Macon Bowen19 Dec 1907 —25 Dec 1946
See CWS f BCV, p. 71.

James A. Bowen1950 —2010

Baby Moore June 17, 1959

Henry Edgar Cooke28 Oct 1921 —27 Nov 1990In Remembrance

Margaret J. Cooke2 Feb 1921 —1 Jul 2009An Inspiration To All Who Knew Her

Walter L. Durham Jr.1930 —2007
Metal plate.

Walter Lawrence Durham11 Sep 1897 —15 Jul 1983
Mary Elizabeth Durham18 Apr 1912 —4 Jun 2000
A flat government stone at Walter's feet indicates he served in the US Army.

W.M. Stratton3 Dec 1862 —10 Jul 1948An Honest Man's the Noblest Work of God

Henry Marshall Stratton17 Mar 1903 —12 Jun 1984

Louvenia Connell Stratton30 Apr 1903 —14 Mar 1995
Lovenia Connell married Henry M. Stratton, CWS f BCV, p. 127.

Virgie Leigh Stratton5 Oct 1925 —4 Apr 1938Daughter of W.M & L.C. Stratton
Virginia Lee Stratton, CWS f BCV, p. 127.

Leslie Watkins Bowen28 Apr 1933 —17 Jul 1934Our Darling

Mildred E. Bowen9 Sep 1913 —20 Mar 1948Sweet Mother
None knew her but to love her.

Robert Watkins Bowen24 Jan 1910 —28 Jul 2000
Bettie Jackson Bowen26 Aug 1915 —30 Nov 1998
Betty Inez Jackson married second Robert W. Bowen, CWS f BCV, pp. 71, 273.

Laura E. Moore2 Aug 1862 —12 Mar 1929Her toils are past
Her work is done.
She fought the fight
The victory won.

Thomas S. Moore22 Apr 1858 —19 Jul 1924His toils are past
His work is done.
He fought the fight
The victory won.
Thomas S. Moore married Laura E. Weaver, CWS f BCV, pp. 375-76, 589.

Jessie Lewis Lynch1859 —1928

Susan Ella Lynch15 Aug 1861 —11 Nov 1921
Susan Ella Clary married Jesse Lewis Lynch, CWS f BCV, pp. 108, 338.

B.J. Lambert Infant Son
No dates.

Leonard Jackson Whitby 
No dates.

Infant Lambert 
No dates.

Benjamin J. Lambert1875 —1948
Mattie S. Lambert1881 —1919
Benjamin James Lambert married 1st Mattie S. Malone, 2nd Lula House, CWS f BCV, pp. 321, 353.

Lula H. Lambert 
No dates.

Maude Lambert Hughes 
No dates.

Charlie H. Cannon Sr.19 Nov 1911 —22 Dec 1996
Hazel B. Cannon13 Sep 1924 —Husband and wife for 55 years

Lois Cannon Lynch3 Jul 1926 —5 Oct 1995
Archie Lee Lynch14 Dec 1925 —7 Aug 2007Wed Oct. 31, 1947
Archer Lee Lynch, CWS f BCV, p. 335.

Daily A. High24 Aug 1893 —14 Sep 1983
Bessie C. High20 Nov 1902 —9 Jan 1970
Bessie Young Connell married Daily Ashburn High, CWS f BCV, p. 127.

Bettie E. Connell25 Jul 1872 —3 Jun 1934Mother
Elizabeth (House) Edwards married Pvt. W.A. Connell, CWS f BCV, p. 126.

William A. Connell CO.D.
This is an upright government-issued stone.
Pvt. William Andrew Connell, CWS f BCV, p. 126.

Nora Connell10 Jan 1898 —13 Apr 1915
Nora Ann Connell, CWS f BCV, p. 126.

Infant High 
No dates.

Bernard Drewery Matthews2 May 1916 —3 Jul 1917
Three lines of unreadable inscription.

Herbert B. Matthews11 Apr 1895 —11 Jun 1967
Lena C. Matthews17 May 1894 —29 Apr 1976Married June 26, 1915
Lena Mae Connell married Herbert Bernard Matthews and nearby is their son Bernard, CWS f BCV, pp. 116, 127.

Maynard Spottswood Wesson28 Sep 1924 —10 Jan 1941

Geraldine Travis Wesson5 Oct 1918 —28 Apr 1938

Kathleen Wesson29 Sep 1921 —1 Oct 1925A little flower of love that
blossomed but to die,
Transplanted now above
To bloom with God on high.

Robert Rivers Wesson20 Mar 1880 —21 Apr 1950
Robert married Lucy Arianna Drummond and buried here are children Maynard S., Geraldine T., Kathleen, John D., and Robert A. Wesson, CWS f BCV, pp. 163, 600.

Lucy Drummond Wesson29 Jun 1890 —5 Feb 1976

John Durham Wesson24 Jun 1932 —10 Jan 1997US Navy

Edward L. Drummond1 Mar 1896 —22 Feb 1961PVT CO A 6 INFANTRY
See CWS f BCV, p. 163.

Robert Aubrey Wesson19 Nov 1912 —16 Jan 1990

Helen Darden Wesson7 Oct 1914 —7 Mar 1995

Rosa Ann Floyd25 Feb 1908 —2 Jun 1978

Samuel Blick Floyd21 Jan 1902 —24 Oct 1990

Leslie Blick Floyd23 Sep 1923 —12 Dec 2009U.S. Army

Addie G. Floyd23 Nov 1897 —31 Jan 1959
Annie Green Floyd married S.B. Floyd and nearby are sons James R. and Roy K. Floyd, CWS f BCV, pp. 206, 631.

James R. Floyd4 Jun 1942 —5 Mar 1983

Roy Keith Floyd Sr.23 Nov 1929 —16 Mar 1984US Navy

William Burnell Carpenter Infant son of
W.R. & Henrietta Carpenter

Cecil Jennings Cannon6 May 1928 —18 May 1972Virginia
Flat government-issued stone.
See CWS f BCV, p. 631.

Stella W. Cannon1 Oct 1900 —12 Nov 1972
Jessie J. Cannon31 Mar 1899 —8 Mar 1986Married 1925
Stella Meade Wray was the first wife of Jesse J. Cannon and the mother of Cecil, CWS f BCV, pp. 340, 631.

Louise W. Writtenberry22 Aug 1919 —24 Oct 1995
Louise Weaver married Robert L. Writtenberry, CWS f BCV, pp. 596, 644.

William Waters Weaver13 Jun 1915 —2 Jul 1915Infant Child of C.H. & M.W. Weaver
At Rest

Charles H. Weaver1882 —1947At Rest
Charles Weaver married Mary Ann Wesson. According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, he was born 15 Oct 1876. Their daughter Louise Writtenberry is buried nearby, CWS f BCV, pp. 587, 596.

Mary W. Weaver7 May 1880 —19 Aug 1952

Norman Blankenship Lynch6 Jun 1889 —24 Dec 1934
Mary Clary Lynch25 May 1894 —7 May 1978
Mary A. Clary married N.B. Lynch, CWS f BCV, pp. 110, 340.

Lewis Kidd7 May 1910 —14 Mar 1990
Mamie R. Kidd22 Mar 1915 —4 Jul 1948Beloved

Rebecca Mayo Spragins Kidd1 Jan 1923 —12 Jul 2011

Hunter McGuire Wright18 Apr 1915 —22 Jan 1985
Kathleen Clary Wright28 Apr 1921 —16 Sep 2010
Kathleen Clary married Hunter M. Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 639.

James Ira Clary15 Feb 1926 —7 Sep 1997Husband of Vera H. Clary
Married July 20, 1951
Our Children
Karen Dec 7, 1952 May 22, 1973
Cynthia May 6, 1957
A footstone reads “Loving Husband/Daddy & Granddaddy/Our Grandchildren/John Cleveland Lucy IV/James Sawyer Lucy”.
See CWS f BCV, p. 109.

Karen M. Clary7 Dec 1952 —22 May 1973

Gracie W. Clary3 Aug 1902 —22 May 1967
Rufus J. Clary24 May 1898 —11 Jun 1960
Gracie Wright married Rufus J. Clary, CWS f BCV, pp. 109, 639.

Randolph W. Clary28 Dec 1935 —6 Jun 1956
Brother of Rufus, CWS f BCV, p. 109.

Frances Hobdy Daniel Wright7 Oct 1933 —Married Feb 25, 1953
William “Willie” Robertson Wright17 Mar 1930 —3 Jun 2006
William Robertson Wright married Frances Daniel, CWS f BCV, pp. 460, 641.

John P. Wright1889 —1970

Irene B. Wright1895 —1935
Irene Elizabeth Brewer married John Pebbles Wright, CWS f BCV, pp. 640-41.

Anne N. Langford1865 —1948

Ollie Louise Short15 Sep 1910 —22 Jan 1911A fairer bud of promise never bloomed

Julia Wray Cannon10 Jul 1893 —12 Nov 1984“Bette”

Aubrey Lewis Clary16 Jun 1929 —26 Oct 1994
Joyce Ann Whitby Clary19 Jul 1931 —
Footstone reads “Beloved Husband, father and grandfather/Army Veteran of Korean War.”
Aubrey Lewis Clary married Joyce Ann Whitby, CWS f BCV, p. 109.

Susan Eliza Wright 
William David Wright —Children of Daniel & Susan
Jan. 10, 1998

Robert C. Wright CO. C
18 VA. INF.
This is an upright government-issued stone.
Pvt. Robert Cole Wright whose remains were moved from the Haxall Family Cemetery, CWS f BCV, p. 640.

Rebecca J. Moore1854 —1939
Caroline Rebecca Norwood married first Robert C. Wright and second, Benjamin J. Moore, CWS f BCV, pp. 377, 401, 640.

Benjamin J. Moore8 May 1865 —26 Nov 1924May he find joy in the life ????
This is a Woodmen of the World memorial.

Percy Lee House Sr.16 May 1886 —17 Dec 1933Husband of Annie Carpenter
His Life Was Filled With Love,
Faith and Kindness
Percy married first Annie H. Carpenter and second, Mildred Valentine Moseley, CWS f BCV, pp. 93, 265.

Annie Carpenter House10 May 1888 —6 May 1912Wife of P.L. House
Inscription is unreadable.

Robert Edward Clarke11 Sep 1912 —29 Nov 1989
Marjorie Wesson Clarke27 Sep 1913 —20 Dec 2005
Marjorie Wilmer Wesson married R.E. Clarke, CWS f BCV, pp. 105, 597.

Howard Manson Connell14 Feb 1911 —15 Jan 1991In Loving Memory
Son of a Confederate Veteran

Kenneth R. Connell3 Dec 1950 —22 Dec 2010

Blanche Adelaide Matthews Connell11 Jun 1915 —2 Sep 1992In Loving Memory of
She Loved Her Children
Blanche Adelaide Matthews married H.M. Connell and nearby is their daughter Susan Carolyn Connell, CWS f BCV, pp. 79, 126.

Susan Carolyn Connell Turner Olson20 Mar 1932 —9 Feb 1990She Strived for Family Good
See CWS f BCV, p. 127.

Jennie M. Brewer Wright14 Jul 1889 —17 Mar 1938

James Monroe Wright18 Jul 1874 —22 May 1956Rest in Peace
J.M. Wright married second Jennie Meredith (Brewer) Matthews, CWS f BCV, pp. 79, 639.

Eleanor Jane Batte9 Dec 1940 —12 Oct 1941

W.E. Moore3 Sep 1909 —19 Jan 1935Gone But Not Forgotten

Elizabeth Hale Smith18 Nov 1837 —23 Apr 1923

Alice Wright Wesson1884 —1964

James Ashton Wesson1877 —1963
J.A. Wesson married Alice Vernon Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 600.

William S. Wright1848 —1934
William Sidney Wright married Lucy Phipps and nearby are children William Winfield Wright, Agnes Maxwell Wright, and Thomas Lee Wright, CWS f BCV, pp. 440, 600.

Lucy Wright 
No dates.

Willie Wright 
No dates.

Agnes Wright 
No dates.

Sgt. Thomas L. Wright19 Dec 1887 —15 Oct 1918Died in Camp at Chester, PA. While in the Service of His Country

Joseph W. Seward1860 —1933
Mamie W. Seward1885 —1960
Mamie Viloa Wesson married first Willie Delbridge Seward, who is in the Seward Family Cemetery, and second, Joseph W. Seward, CWS f BCV, p. 600.

Laura House Seward1860 —1912Wife of Jos. W. Seward
Till then we yield
with gladness
Our loved on to Him
to Keep,
And rejoice in sweet
He giveth His loved
ones sleep.
Laura A. House was the first wife of Joseph W. Seward, CWS f BCV, pp. 266, 461, 539, 593, 600.

J. Ashton Seward31 Mar 1890 —15 Jul 1982PVT US ARMY
See CWS f BCV, p. 593.

Mary Hicks Seward17 Jun 1896 —1 Apr 1974Y3 US NAVY

Curtis Watkins Taylor20 Aug 1880 —18 Dec 1918

Bettie Lee Seward Taylor9 Dec 1885 —11 Dec 1918
Bettie Lee Seward married Curtis Watkins Taylor, CWS f BCV, p. 593.

C.W. Taylor Jr.Aug 1917 —2 Jan 1918

Rivers Seward Robinson16 Jul 1900 —24 Oct 1994
Rivers Seward married Stanley Robinson, CWS f BCV, p. 593.

Edward Stanley Robinson Jr.1934 —24 Oct 2016
Farrar Funeral Home marker. Son of Rivers Robinson.

Lizzie Seward Phillips26 Mar 1888 —15 Dec 1918Wife of J.E. Phillips
Twas hard to give thee up, but Thy will O God be done.
Lizzie Seward was the first wife of James Fletcher Phillips, CWS f BCV, p. 438.

James Ruffin Seward11 Jan 1850 —11 Jan 1920
See CWS f BCV, p. 593.

Virginia Seward Hobbs1856 —1937
Virginia C. Seward married James Walton Hobbs, CWS f BCV, pp. 262, 593.

James Walton Hobbs1856 —1896

Harvey W. Crowder25 Apr 1872 —5 Jun 1946Sleep oh dear one,
In Jesus arms
no more pain and
sorrow now.
This is a Woodmen of the World memorial.

Irene Jackson Wesson Crowder9 Oct 1872 —5 Nov 1958Wife of Harvey W. Crowder
Irene Jackson Wesson married Harvey William Crowder, CWS f BCV, p. 599.

W. Freddie Crowder29 Oct 1902 —10 Aug 1966
Carrie N. Crowder26 Aug 1904 —9 Nov 1986
Carrie Belle Norwood married William Frederick Crowder, CWS f BCV, pp. 599-600.

Zenith Greene Wright14 May 1933 —Wife, Mama & Grandma

Muriel Meredith Wright9 Nov 1929 —9 Nov 1993Husband, Daddy & Granddaddy

Jeffrey Wayne Wright7 Sep 1955 —14 Jun 1984Son

James Emerson Wright13 Dec 1935 —26 Jan 1986US Army

James Leo Wright23 Apr 1908 —30 Jul 1993

Lenwood Lynch Wright15 Jun 1912 —16 Dec 1995
Harriett Lynnwood Lynch married James Leo Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 639.

Everett T. Wright20 Nov 1939 —12 Jan 1971Virginia

Robert T. Wright8 May 1914 —7 Jul 1975
Robert Thomas Wright and nearby is his son Everett Thomas Wright and wife Virginia, CWS f BCV, p. 641.

Virginia W. Wright9 Jul 1919 —17 Nov 2013

Judy Wright Grooms13 Mar 1951 —27 Oct 2016
Daughter of Virginia W. Wright

Ollie Purdy Wright10 May 1917 —19 Sep 1994
Mary O'Berry Wright9 Aug 1919 —18 Mar 2003
Mary O'Berry married Ollie Purdie Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 639.

William W. Wesson21 Jun 1890 —14 Jan 1967

Annie Brewer Wesson5 Feb 1892 —18 Apr 1986
Annie Lavonia Brewer married William “Buck” Washington Wesson and nearby is their daughter Murtis Ann and son R. Randolph, CWS f BCV, p. 597.

Murtis Ann Wesson20 Aug 1922 —7 Feb 1969

Robert Randolph Wesson12 Apr 1926 —20 Jun 2013

Carter D. Jernigan1995 —1995Infant

John Bassitt Connell17 Mar 1908 —10 Apr 1979
Marian Edwards Connell2 Apr 1916 —15 Dec 1993
Marion Elizabeth Edwards married John Bassett Connell and nearby is their son William and a stone for an unnamed infant son, CWS f BCV, p. 126.

Wiley T. “Tootie” Jones1 Dec 1938 —27 Feb 2016Mountains and Trees with TVFD truck. Vase says “Son of Lonnie and Florence Jones, Married Oct 17, 1964”
Patricia Ann Hobbs Jones30 Oct 1944 —Vase says Dau. of “John and Elsie Hobbs”
Wiley T. “Tootie” Jones married Patricia Ann Hobbs Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 289.

Barbara L. Childrey26 Nov 1939 —
Rev. Thomas S. Childrey1 Sep 1938 —4 Oct 2016Inscribed “Always in our Hearts” and “Married June 27, 1959” with praying hands over a cross at both upper corners.

William Carlton Connell Sr.6 Mar 1933 —Father
Ella Buckner Connell10 Dec 1935 —Mother

Billy Hobson Young Sr.31 Jan 1934 —14 Oct 1998Father
Loretta C. Young Allen —Mother

Earl Dean Allen5 Dec 1942 —8 Feb 2010Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather and Brother
Black marble stone with 3 deer, mountains, and birds.

Billy H. Young Jr.26 Apr 1958 —13 Oct 2005
Pamela R. Young18 Jun 1956 —

Infant Weaver 
No dates.

Josephine Weaver Dewey12 Feb 1895 —30 Jun 1941Gone But Not Forgotten

Emma Carpenter Weaver7 Apr 1906 —31 Jan 1999

Junius Reynolds Weaver6 Feb 1904 —16 Dec 1988

Mrs. W.J. Weaver17 Jul 1866 —22 Jun 1943

William Jackson Weaver11 Feb 1864 —6 Jan 1940
Martha Louise Parrish married William Jackson Weaver and nearby are children Junius R. who married Emma Elizabeth Carpenter and Josephine Louise Weaver who married William Dewey. It is also reported that their son Herbert Jones Weaver is buried here next to his first wife, Irene Kidd, CWS f BCV, pp. 587-88.

Infant Wesson 

Clarence C. Wesson9 Jul 1898 —3 Feb 1962
Clarence Carpenter Wesson married Nannie Elizabeth Bowen who is in St. Mark's Episcopal Church Cemeterey, CWS f BCV, p. 595.

William S. Barlow18 Mar 1893 —17 Jun 1945Virginia
This is a flat government-issued stone.

Mary Elizabeth Wesson Barlow18 Mar 1895 —30 Mar 1952
Mary Elizabeth Wesson married William Smith barlow, CWS f BCV, p. 595.

Martha C. Wesson29 Oct 1860 —14 Jul 1952

Edward J. Wesson11 Feb 1848 —10 Dec 1926
Martha Louise Carpenter married Edward James Wesson and nearby are children Mary Elizabeth and Clarence C. Wesson, CWS f BCV, p. 595.

Walter Lee Lynch29 Jan 1884 —30 Aug 1954
See CWS f BCV, p. 342.

Carrie B. Lynch8 Oct 1886 —21 Jul 1959

Clarence E. Wright18 Mar 1912 —22 Aug 1999
Lillie L. Wright12 Oct 1915 —26 Mar 2001
Lillie Lynch married Clarence Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 639.

 Infant Son of
Clarence and Lillie Wright

Martha E. Taylor30 May 1846 —6 Aug 1912Wife of N.T. Taylor
Though Thou Art Gone Fond Memory Clings to Thee

Norborn T. Taylor Corp
Coleman's Co.
This is an upright government-issued stone.
Cpl. Norborne Thomas Taylor married Martha E. Braswell, CWS f BCV, p. 544.

William M. Lynch13 Dec 1869 —26 Oct 1948
Hattie W. Lynch25 Dec 1878 —13 Apr 1948
Hattie Wall was the second wife of William M. Lynch, CWS f BCV, pp. 337-38.

William J. Sheridan5 Jun 1914 —12 Nov 1979

Mary P. Connor Clary15 Jan 1875 —25 Jan 1969Wife of Algie N. Clary
Algernon H. Clary is buried in the Algernon Clary Family Cemetery, CWS f BCV, p. 111.

Hubert H. Clary2 Mar 1913 —31 May 1997
Sudie B. Clary24 Jul 1923 —1 Jan 2015I Thee Wed Jan. 17, 1948

Charlie A. Clary12 Dec 1903 —12 May 1969

Mary B. Whitby Clary21 Aug 1904 —9 Aug 1976Wife of Charlie A. Clary

Mike Lupshu4 Jun 1921 —
Ruby E. Lupshu25 Aug 1935 —The Lord is My Shepherd

Luther Guy Harris4 Jun 1913 —15 Jul 2006

Pauline “Polly” H. Harris23 Mar 1916 —13 May 2009

Ronnie James Babb2 Jul 1960 —28 Jul 1960God Giveth, God Taketh Away

A. Coolidge Babb13 Apr 1924 —18 Apr 1989
Ida Braswell Babb16 Jul 1929 —Precious Memories
A nearby government stone identifies Allison Coolidge Babb as having served in the US Navy during WWII.
Ida Sims Braswell married Cooledge Babb, CWS f BCV, p. 77.

Josephine Clary Wesson23 Aug 1896 —30 Dec 1983

Edward H. Wesson24 Jun 1885 —6 Apr 1949At Rest
Josephine Clary married Edward Hutson Wesson. According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Edward's sister Martha Anne Wesson who married William R. Starke is buried in this cemetery, CWS f BCV, pp. 117, 597.

Mary Braswell Wesson13 Jun 1849 —21 Jan 1933

James S. Wesson10 Feb 1848 —30 Mar 1931
Pvt. James Sampson Wesson married Mary Ann Braswell, CWS f BCV, pp. 74, 443, 525, 593, 595-97.

Margarett Wesson1838 —1920
See CWS f BCV, p. 595.

Larry Edward Wesson23 Aug 1948 —23 Aug 1948Infant Son of Wilson T. & Dorothy S. Wesson

Nancy Lynne Wesson4 Dec 1949 —5 Dec 1949Infant Daughter of Wilson T. & Dorothy S. Wesson

Dorothy S. Wesson12 Jul 1918 —4 Mar 1981Wife of Wilson T. Wesson

Wilson Turnbull Wesson25 Dec 1917 —2 Jan 2002US Navy
This is a flat government stone.
See CWS f BCV, p. 597.

Mary Etta House8 Jun 1893 —16 Jul 1977

Alonza C. House10 Jan 1890 —5 Feb 1957
Alonzo Christopher House married Mary Etta Wesson, CWS f BCV, p. 597.

Earnest Peebles Moore Jr.14 Jul 1924 —17 Feb 1926Safe in the Arms of Jesus

Kerry W. Edmonds30 Nov 1964 —
Corrine C. Edmonds1 Apr 1955 —3 Dec 2007Daughter Sister Mother Grandma
Stone has bald eagle on left and ribbon on right.

Aubrey B. Edmonds19 Jul 1936 —
Elizabeth E. Edmonds25 Aug 1931 —11 Oct 2000
Aubrey B. Edmonds married Elizabeth E. Edmonds, CWS f BCV, p. 170.

Wilma H. Edmonds5 Nov 1914 —23 Feb 2012In God's Care
William A. Edmonds29 Dec 1916 —26 Jul 1996

Fannie Mae E. Hammack4 May 1922 —18 Dec 2002In Loving Memory
Hunter M. Hammack2 Apr 1919 —18 Dec 1994
A government stone at his feet identifies Hunter as having served in the US Army during WWII.
Hunter McGuire Hammack married Mae Edwards, CWS f BCV, pp. 175, 235.

Warren B. Braswell9 May 1913 —2 Jun 1973Virginia
This is a flat government stone.
According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia he died 2 Jan 1973, CWS f BCV, p. 77.

1870 —1925JEK
This is a hand-made, nearly illegible stone.

John Vaughan 
No dates.

Lawrence E. Wright Jr.19 Feb 1933 —25 Apr 2016
Mary D. Wright17 Apr 1934 —Whoever Believes In Me, Though He Die, Yet Shall He Live
CPL US Army on footstone. Image is a praying hand holding a rose.
Lawrence Everage Wright Jr. married Mary Clyde Delbridge, CWS f BCV, p. 642.

Larry W. Wright25 May 1954 —
Lynette S. Wright27 Apr 1958 —13 Jan 2006Married June 25, 1977
Larry Wayne Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 642.

Jerry Vaiden Wright30 Aug 1940 —
Frances Erlene Wright23 Aug 1941 —Stone has the image of a couple on the road to a cabin among the mountains.
Jerry Wright married Frances Erlene Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 642.

Mrs. John Tanner 
No dates.

John Tanner 
No dates.
A stone with most of the inscription robbed off reveals only the name GIBSON.

Lillian Gibson Crowder15 Jan 1919 —3 Sep 1990
Charlie Hubert Crowder24 Sep 1912 —16 May 1989

Lillie Catherine Crowder6 Jul 1953 —7 Jul 1953Infant Daughter of Lillie & Charlie Crowder

Martha Annie Edmonds Crowder15 Nov 1878 —12 Sep 1952Wife of Ollie C. Crowder
At Rest

Ollie C. Crowder10 Nov 1883 —8 Aug 1941At Rest
Ollie Crowder m. Mahala Anne Edmunds, CWS f BCV, p. 135.

George S. Crowder18 Feb 1915 —14 Nov 1956Virginia

Robert Edward Whitby14 Feb 1915 —5 Oct 2004
Agnes Gibson Whitby22 Jan 1915 —11 Jan 2007

Troy Donovan Smith Jr.4 May 1991 —17 Jul 2010

Mary Louise Pearson10 Mar 1925 —7 Jan 2007“Mammy”
”My love be with you all through Christ Jesus”
No information is in the left side of this double stone, although a lighthouse is depicted. A red cardinal is on the right.
In a separate area are the following Tatum stones.

Louisa Carpenter Tatum13 Jul 1843 —17 Jan 1936Mother
Louisa Ann Ruffin Carpenter married Pvt. William Batte Tatum who is in the Tatum Family Cemetery about 1 mi away. They were the parents of Sophia and James, buried nearby, CWS f BCV, pp. 537-38.

Sophia Tatum King2 Dec 1871 —1 Jan 1943Mother
Sophia Tatum married Charles King, CWS f BCV, p. 538.

Joseph Ruffin Tatum17 Dec 1909 —Aug 22 1965Virginia, PFC HO & HQ 14 Air Force
World War II

James Ruffin Tatum28 Feb 1876 —16 Dec 1944
Emma Wesson Tatum3 Sep 1882 —27 Dec 1958
James Ruffin Tatum married Emma Josephine Wesson and son Joseph Ruffin is nearby, CWS f BCV, p. 538.
According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Pvt. Robert Gray Wright is buried here beneath a Confederate gravestone. Yet Dr. Pritchett may have confused him with Robert C. Wright who is here, CWS f BCV, p. 641.
Dr. Pritchett also speculates that Pvt. Robert Alexander Taylor is here because his brother Norborne is, CWS f BCV, p. 545.

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