John Langley Family Cemetery
This cemetery is located in a stand of large trees on the north side of an old logging road, approx, 300 ft west of Elam Road and 0.5 mi south of the intersection of Gasburg Road and Elam Road.
Latitude:36º 34' 52.0" N   (36.581111)
Longitude:77º 56' 51.8" W   (-77.947722)

John Langley12 Jun 1839 —26 May 1910He Followed Virtue
As His Truest Guide
Lived As a Christian
As a Christian Died
Pvt. John Langley married second Lucy Jane Temple, CWS f BCV, p. 322.

Lucie J. Temple6 Jan 1859 —2 Jun 1900Wife of
John Langley
Our Precious Loved
One is Gone, But
Not Forgotten. A
Devoted Wife and

Mary L. Tatum28 Sep 1888 —3 Nov 1913Wife of
J.A. Tatum
May the Reserection
Find Thee
On the Bosom of
Thy God.
Mary W.J. Langley, daughter of John and Lucy Langley, married J.A. Tatum, who may be identical to Joseph Ashton Tatum whose chldren by Elver Daniel were born after Mary's death, CWS f BCV, pp. 322, 538.

Baby Girl Moody Dec.28, 1915
This is a very small stone measuring approx 10 in x 6 in. The date inscribed could be the birth date, the death date, or both.

John Henry Moody10 Jul 1880 —26 Feb 1926
John Langley Moody19 Dec 1916 —20 May 1940Son of
John and Emma Langley Moody
At Rest
Emma E. Langley married second John Henry Moody 2 Aug 1914 and this stone is for father and son, CWS f BCV, p. 322.

There is one small flat granite marker approx 8 inches x 3 inches in size that seems to mark a grave, however there is no inscription upon it at all. One fieldstone was also located in the immediate area of all the gravestones, this total area measuring approx 20 ft x 24 ft in size. NOTE: According to the landowner, the county land records office indicates one full acre is deeded and set aside for this cemetery, however no evidence of any other graves outside this 20 x 24 ft area could be found.

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