Meade Family Cemetery at “Sandy Hook”
Located approx. 100 yds directly behind a home with the address of 24685 Christanna Hwy, Alberta, VA. The house and cemetery are on the west side of Christanna Hwy, between the entrance to Southside Virginia Community College and Interstate 85. The cemetery itself sits approx. 200 yds south of I85.
Latitude:36º 50' 33.9" N   (36.842750)
Longitude:77º 55' 4.2" W   (-77.917833)

Robert E. Meade1816 —1888
This stone has been disturbed and moved from its original location in this cemetery by cattle. The top line of inscription is practically illegible.
This is Confederate veteran Hon. Robert Everard Meade, CWS f BCV, pp. 364-65.

This cemetery sits beneath a few large trees and is within 20 ft of an old farm silo. There are no obvious perimiters to the cemetery and there is no evidence of other graves, probably due to the many years of cattle trampling the area.

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