Moseley Family Cemetery - Birdsong Rd.
Notes:This cemetery is approx. 75 yd. off the west side of Birdsong Rd., (Route 717), approx. 0.25 mi. south of Robinson Ferry Rd. (Route 626).
Latitude:36º 35' 24.5" N   (36.590139)
Longitude:77º 57' 40.2" W   (-77.961167)
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George A. King1 Dec 1871 —12 Jan 1950
Winnie M. King17 Nov 1878 —19 Apr 1965At rest
George D. King married Winnie Moseley, CWS f BCV, p. 307.

G. Albert King5 Mar 1915 —10 Sep 1999

Fannie M. Moseley12 Feb 1868 —8 Jul 1943Asleep in Jesus

Ben J. Moseley28 Feb 1863 —1 Mar 1925Asleep in Jesus

Cora Lee Moseley14 Feb 1889 —20 May 1974Loved by all

Cephus B. Moseley3 Nov 1902 —15 Mar 1978
Mary Floyd Moseley27 Oct 1907 —28 Nov 1968
Cephas B. Moseley married Mary E. Floyd, CWS f BCV, p. 204.

Mary B. Moseley6 May 1932 —9 Aug 1932
Jean K. Moseley20 Jul 1939 —5 Jan 1940
Notes: Two infant children marked with one stone.

Luvenia Moseley1870 —1930

Charley Oley Moseley13 Jul 1894 —1 Oct 1918Army - WW I - France

Preston Barner Clary20 Jul 1940 —19 Jan 1998U S Army
Notes: This is a government-issued military stone.

Waverly H. Twisdale18 Apr 1887 —2 Sep 1910
Lillie M. Twisdale7 Jun 1892 —15 Sep 1930

Hayward F. Twisdale7 Jan 1861 —7 Dec 1932
Sallie E. Twisdale15 Jul 1861 —3 May 1935In loving memory of our dear parents
Sarah E. Lynch married Haywood Twisdale, CWS f BCV, p. 338.


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