Poarch Family Cemetery
This partially-overgrown cemetery is very difficult reach. The entrance is an old farm path beside the home with the address of 2326 Glendale Mill Rd., Freeman. One must follow this path for well over 2 miles, making numerous turns, and going through a locked gate. The timber has recently been cut and several very large trees were left standing around the cemetery. At least 10 other graves are here, evidenced by fieldstones and uniform depressions.
Latitude:36º 43' 0.7" N   (36.716861)
Longitude:77º 42' 21.5" W   (-77.705972)

Peter H. Poarch —18 Mar 1885Died Mar 18, 1885
Age 61 yrs.
At rest

Sarah R. Porch —12 Jan 1906Wife of P.H. Poarch
Died Jan 12, 1906
Age 72 yrs.
At rest
Peter H. Poarch married Sarah R. Walton in Greensville County. P.H. Poarch and his wife, S.R., aged 24 and 17, respecively, were residing in Greensville County in 1850, Family 166.

Robert A. Clary20 Jun 1905 —20 Jan 1906Twin son of
J.A. & L.B. Clary
At rest

20 Jun 1905 —20 Jun 1905Twin son of
J.A. & L.B. Clary
At rest
These are sons of James A. Clary who married Lucy B. Poarch, daughter of the above P.H. and S.R. Poarch, CWS f BCV, p. 110.

John H. Whitby27 Mar 1889 —11 May 1911Son of
?.J. & S.G. Whitby

Otha W. Rawlings26 Jul 1900 —23 Feb 1913Son of
S.L. & M.E. Rawlings
We will meet again

Pvt. John Millard Giles18 Aug 1845 —17 Oct 1888Co. C
May the resurrection
find thee on the
bosom of thy God
This is a government-issued military marker. The epitaph is inscribed on the back of the stone. There is also an earlier headstone for Pvt. Giles containing the same inscriptions. John Millard Giles married Martha Ann Poarch.


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