Spraggins Family Cemetery
This well-kept cemetery is located in the side yard of a home with the address of 725 Spraggins Rd. (Route 742), approx. 0.7 miles east of Elam Rd. (Route 644). At least 7 other graves are here marked only with fieldstones or old cinder blocks. It is highly probable there are many more graves here.
Latitude:36º 33' 41.6" N   (36.561556)
Longitude:77º 55' 45.1" W   (-77.929194)

According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Pvt. Marston G. Spraggins and his wife, Louisa J. (-) Spraggins, are buried here. Although this book and the county road map spells the name Spraggins, all but one stone here for this family shows Spragins, CWS f BCV, p. 519.

Lilly M. Spragins2 Jun 1918 —13 Apr 1919

Dora D. Spragins13 Dec 1883 —22 Sep 1967
Stith B. Spragins26 Feb 1877 —19 Dec 1949
Stith Bolling Spraggins married Daisy Wray, apparently identical to Dora D., CWS f BCV, pp. 519, 630.

Ollie Wray Durgan4 Jan 1874 —24 Sep 1974
Olive V. Wray, sister of Daisy, married first John Davis Lynch and second, Billy Durgan, CWS f BCV, p. 630.

Sidney Earl Spragins19 Oct 1929 —13 Feb 1930Infant son of
Suthie E. & Lola D. Spragins

William Carlton Spragins11 Feb 1931 —4 May 1934Infant son of
Suthie E. & Lola D. Spragins
Suthie Spraggins was a son of Stith and Daisy Spraggins, CWS f BCV, p. 519.

Sharon Denise Jones12 Oct 1973 —14 Oct 1973

 Infant son of
Edward L. & Dorothy J. Jones
Nov 1, 1950

Dorothy J. Jones12 Mar 1922 —29 Dec 2006

James H. Carter30 Mar 1929 —1 May 1998

William K. Spraggins11 Apr 1879 —12 Aug 1947
Nannie B. Spraggins11 Jan 1883 —7 Nov 1966
William King Spraggins, CWS f BCV, p. 519.

Bessie Mae Carter19 Jul 1905 —21 Mar 1954

Leroy Carter15 Mar 1942 —16 Jun 1954

James M. Starke6 Dec 1867 —11 Nov 1939
Lillie P. Starke7 Nov 1879 —7 Nov 1915Our devoted parents
James M. starke married Lilly P. Wray, CWS f BCV, pp. 525-26.

Louisa S. Starke 
This is presumably Louisa Satterwhite, widow of Pvt. Rufus H. Starke. Although they are reported to be buried on the farm where they lived in south Brunswick County, near Elams, North Carolina, conversations with two citizens who knew the old Starke farm well said they were aware of no cemeteries there. Since Rufus' daughter-in-law Lillie P. Starke was buried in 1915 in the Spragins Cemetery, about 0.5 mi. from the Starke home, it is likely Rufus, who died in 1904, is nearby. Indeed, a sunken fieldstone indicates a very old grave next to Louisa, CWS f BCV, p. 525.

Rufus A. Starke10 Aug 1901 —29 Oct 1969

Alexandria N. Wray —30 Jul 1928
Analiza T. Wray —6 Jun 1938
Alexander Neville Wray and Ann Eliza Taylor were parents of Olive, Lilly, and Daisy Wray who are buried here, CWS f BCV, pp. 519, 547, 630.

William Bryant Jones13 Oct 1898 —23 Jun 1942
Louisa Spragins Jones27 Sep 1901 —3 Aug 1999
Louise Spraggins married William Bryant Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 519.

 Infant son of
Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Jones
July 21, 1935

Charlie Daniel Lynch8 Jul 1922 —1 Jun 1997Charlie Daniel Lynch
U S Army
World War II
July 8, 1922 - June 1, 1997
Silver Star
Purple Heart
Ruth Edwards Lynch19 May 1923 —Ruth Edwards Lynch
May 19, 1923
Both Charlie and Ruth have flat footstones and Charlie's is a government-issued military marker.

Ralph W. Lewis4 Nov 1939 —
Sharon E. Lewis17 Jun 1942 —


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