Tracy Clary
If you have information about county cemeteries not included here, or would like additional information about cemeteries already listed, please contact Tracy Clary. A local retired Insurance Agent, Tracy is a member of the Brunswick County Museum & Historical Society, the Central Brunswick Ruritan Club and The Old Brunswick Camp #512 - Sons of Confederate Veterans. Tracy has already transcribed hundreds of cemeteries and has a GPS device for recording their precise location.
434-774-4341 - cell

John Pritchett
To contact John Pritchett regarding this website or how you can help:
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Instructions for Submitting Cemetery Transcriptions
To add information on a cemetery, please email GPS coordinates, if I don't already have them, and an Excel file containing the transcriptions. Tracy Clary is available to help with this process.
Please use 2 columns of an Excel sheet with Column A is a Tag and Column B is Data. Important: Select column B and format cells to 'Text,' which will keep dates from being converted to a system format. If you do not do this, dates entered as Jan. 3, 1902 will appear as 3/1/1902.
For each cemetery, provide a brief description of the location as is being done for others on this site. Not everyone who goes looking for a cemetery will have GPS. 
Photograph the cemetery and perhaps one or two primary or unique stones. 
Note also the approximate size of the cemetery, if it is walled, fenced, etc., and indicate any evidence of unmarked graves and their number (field stones, depressions, etc.).
Please contact John Pritchett or Tracy Clary with any questions.
Name, just as it appears on the stone, but change JANE SMITH to Jane Smith. Do not retain all capitalization.1Jane Smith
But if stone says Mary Smith, wife of John Adams, add her married name.1Jane Smith Adams
For infants with no name, such as Baby Smith, omit this line and put enter entire name as an Inscription (see below). This way, nothing is indexed.4Baby Smith
Date of Birth  
Date of birth, if any. Omit this line if none.2Jan 3, 1902
If you cannot read an entire date, insert '?' for missing parts.2Jan 3, 19??
If you know that the date of birth is wrong, enter here what is on the stone and add a Note (see below).  
If no date of birth: "Died Mar. 15, 1905, age 23," omit line 2 and put all the information as an Inscription (see below). Although this is a bit redundant, it spells it out.3Mar. 15, 1905
4Died Mar. 15, 1905, age 23.
Date of Death  
Date of death, if any. Omit this line if none.3Nov. 4, 1955
If you cannot read an entire date, insert '?' for missing parts.3Nov. 4, 19??
If you know that the date of death is wrong, enter here what is on the stone and add a Note (see below).  
Dates of Birth-Death  
If you already have dates on one line, use Tag '23' and include a hyphen between the dates.23June 4, 1899 - Aug. 15, 1955
Enter inscriptions as follows:4Mother
For multi-line inscriptions, use more than one line, which will cause them to be depicted in this manner on the Web site.4Love means never
4having to say you're sorry
For notes about a particular stone, enter as follows. To enter remarks about the cemetery, see Cemetery Comments below.5Date of death is hard to read
or5Although the stone says "Mollie" she was Mary in census records.
or5Although the stone say Bob died Feb. 1906, the family Bible says Feb. 15, 1907.
Use as many notes as necessary to elucidate a stone.  
End of Stone  
End of stone data. Be sure to include the '9' at the end of EVERY stone.9 
You can leave Column B blank or use some other separator9*******************************************
Extra lines  
Extra blank lines are OK.  
Double stone  
If two individuals share a stone, use a '+' instead of a '9' after the first.1John Smith
2Feb. 16, 1890
3Mar. 15, 1930
1Jane Adams Smith
2Jan. 18, 1894
3Jun. 16, 1935
If a single surname appears, use 'L' and omit surname on name lines.LSmith
 2Feb. 16, 1890
 3Mar. 15, 1930
 1Jane Adams
 2Jan. 18, 1894
 3Jun. 16, 1935
Cemetery Comments  
To insert any Comment in the transcription, use 'C' at any point. This is distinct from a Note which applies to a single stone.CCemetery is surrounded with a stone wall, about 3 feet high
CThe next five stones were leaning against a wall.
We would like all individuals to appear in the index. Of course, all individuals on a Name line will appear. Use brackets in Notes to cause other names to be indexed.  
If the woman's maiden name is on the stone, just bracket it there. This will cause both 'Jane Epperson' and 'Jane Epperson Johnson' to index.1[Jane Epperson] Johnson
If you know a woman's maiden name, note on the stone, add a note1Mary Frances E. King
5[Mary Frances Evans] married Robert King.
If however, Robert King is buried across the cemetery, perhaps add this. We do not want to index Robert Stone twice.1Mary Frances E. King
5[Mary Frances Evans] married Robert King who is buried elsewhere in this cemetery.
If Robert King is NOT in the cemetery, this will add him, too. 1Mary Frances E. King
5[Mary Frances Evans] married [Robert King].
You are also welcome to annotate her further. This example will throw all 4 into the index along with 'Mary Frances E. King'1Mary Frances E. King
5[Mary Frances Evans], daughter of [Jim Evans] and [Mary Jones], married [Robert King].
Citations to CWS  
The transcriptions you find on this Web site include citations to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, which I will insert later.  
End of All Data  
At the end of all your transcription data, insert 'End' in Column A.End 

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