Olive Branch United Methodist Church Cemetery
Address:4141 Gasburg Rd.
Gasburg 23857
Located on the north side of Gasburg Rd. (Route 262) at the intersection with Oak Grove Rd. (Route 667).
Latitude:36º 34' 1.6" N   (36.567100)
Longitude:77º 53' 53.2" W   (-77.898100)

Phillip Kennon Clary21 Jul 1925 —11 Mar 1976
Marlene Ophelia Clary11 Feb 1931 —
At his foot is a stone indicating he served as “PFC US MARINE CORPS WORLD WAR II” from 21 Nov. 1943 to 21 Nov 1945.
Phillip Kennon Clary married Marlene Ophelia Clary, CWS f BCV, p. 109.

Skelton R. Carroll13 May 1937 —16 Apr 1986
Everline C. Carroll11 Apr 1927 —3 Apr 1991Asleep in Jesus

Willie Tanner1872 —1956

Dorothy C. Clarke22 Jun 1930 —3 Aug 2005

Fanny Clary Jones3 Aug 1916 —2 Oct 2005

Ralph Wesley Jones24 Aug 1909 —3 Mar 1967
Fanny Lewis Clary married Ralph Jones. Nearby are four graves with no headstones., CWS f BCV, pp. 189, 506.

Laura Bernice Clary Floyd6 Mar 1894 —30 Jun 1956
Laura Bernice Clary married Robert Lewis Floyd. Also said to be buried here is her sister Emily Clary, CWS f BCV, pp. 115, 206.

Charlie Ben Clary25 Aug 1888 —7 Mar 1954
Alice J. Clary12 Oct 1907 —2 Jan 1987GBNF
Charles Benjamin Clary married Alice Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 107.

Russell L. Conner9 Mar 1890 —6 Jul 1954
Grace Clary Conner6 May 1892 —28 Mar 1968His Wife

Herbert Randolph Conner25 Mar 1916 —12 Jul 1983Brother

Herbert Randolph Conner25 Mar 1916 —12 Jul 1983US ARMY
Flat government-issued military stone.

Luther Morris Conner31 Oct 1922 —22 Aug 1994“Push”
In Loving Memory
A nearby military stone with identical dates is engraved “S2 US NAVY WORLD WAR II.”

Charles L. Clary27 Jan 1932 —7 Oct 1997
Brenda R. Clary29 Sep 1946 —Married Nov. 27, 1963
I'll See You in the Rapture

Eddie D. Jones24 Mar 1912 —27 Jul 1991Gone But Not Forgotten

Frances S. Jones5 Sep 1919 —23 Jan 1988Gone But Not Forgotten
Mary Frances Shell married Eddie D. Jones and were the parents of Eddie Bryant Jones, among others, CWS f BCV, pp. 109, 636.

Eddie B. Jones22 Mar 1944 —6 Apr 1963Peace, Happiness, Always

Jennie D. Shell1877 —1969
Harvey M. Shell1878 —1953
Eugenia Clary married Harvey Massenburg Shell and were the parents of Mary Frances Shell, among others, CWS f BCV, pp. 109, 496.

Lonnie Hope Clary1896 —1976
See CWS f BCV, p. 113.

Atwell Joseph Clary1889 —1952
Woodmen of the World Memorial.
See CWS f BCV, p. 113.

Henry Clinton Clary1850 —1936

Cornelia Joyce Clary1859 —1950
Cornelia Ann Joyce married Henry Clinton Clary, CWS f BCV, p. 113.

Grover James Jones6 Aug 1886 —9 Apr 1950He Was Our Guiding Star
Belle Stanley Jones23 Jul 1895 —4 Nov 1980
Willie Belle Stanley married Grover James Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 524.

John Benjamin Stanley27 Mar 1900 —10 Nov 1971
Melvin Williams Stanley8 Jun 1904 —14 Jan 1985GBNF
At his foot is a flat government stone with identical dates engraved VIRGINIA PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I.
Melvin Simpson Williams married John Benjamin Stanley, CWS f BCV, pp. 248, 524.

Carolyn Lee Jones18 Feb 1952 —7 Mar 1952

Lottie J. Jones30 Sep 1925 —29 May 2008

William James Jones16 Sep 1922 —26 Dec 2002US ARMY
Flat government-issued military stone.

Walter G. Jones4 Jul 1879 —22 Jan 1956
Beatrice R. Jones7 Jan 1902 —30 Jun 1980

D. Russell Shoop II25 Jan 1950 —
R. Diane Clary Shoop26 Jan 1951 —29 Mar 1992A Rose in God's Garden

Martha L. Poythress30 Jun 1873 —11 Sep 1943Asleep in Jesus

A.J. Poythress9 Jun 1866 —25 Jun 1936Twas hard to give thee up,
But They Will O God be done

Estella T. Starke23 Sep 1867 —4 Jan 1946
John E. Starke7 Sep 1861 —4 Aug 1946Eternity Be Thou Thy Refuge
Estella M. Thomas married John E. Starke, CWS f BCV, pp. 525, 555.

Sara S. Williams22 May 1907 —9 Jul 1954
Charles P. Williams17 Jun 1900 —18 Mar 1966Not Our Will, But Thine Be Done
Sarah G. Starke, daughter of John and Estella, married Charles Plummer Williams., CWS f BCV, pp. 248, 525.

Sterling P. Clary11 Aug 1940 —17 Jul 2003
Marian J. Clary5 Sep 1937 —
This stone contains images of two Confederate flags, a man fishing, and a deer jumping a log.
Marian Lee Jones married Sterling Clary, CWS f BCV, pp. 109, 642.

Bessie L. Clary22 Oct 1906 —3 Mar 1962
Givens O. Clary27 May 1900 —31 Mar 1959
Bessie Clary married Givens O Clary, CWS f BCV, pp. 109, 117.

Carlton Givens Clary18 Feb 1931 —16 May 1990
Helen Marshall Clary15 Jul 1920 —15 Oct 1994
“Sheltered in the Arms of God” appears on the Clary monument in this plot.
Carlton Givens Clary married Helen Marshall, CWS f BCV, pp. 109, 640.

James Edward King22 Aug 1879 —20 Jan 1957

Annie Mae King17 Aug 1889 —23 Jul 1948Wife of J.E. King
Annie Mae Wray married James Edward King, CWS f BCV, pp. 307, 630.

Ola Ercelle Jones6 Jul 1914 —27 Mar 2007

Leonard L. Jones30 Sep 1925 —12 Apr 1984CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR II KOREA
Flat government-issued military stone.

Federick G. Jones2 Nov 1882 —16 Dec 1951Gone But Not Forgotten

Octavia Lee Baird Jones21 Dec 1887 —5 Mar 1933She Was the Sunshine of Our Home
Octavia Lee Baird married Frederick Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 525.

James Benjamin Jones20 Nov 1928 —21 Oct 1929Our Darling

Lillie Lynch18 Nov 1872 —3 Nov 1921Wife of R.G. Lynch
Footstone reads LGL.
Lillie G. Lynch married Reuben G. Lynch, CWS f BCV, p. 337.

Reuben G. LynchOct 1881 —Dec 1949

Laura M. Clary4 Jan 1901 —26 Feb 1997
Laura Wright married Stanley Clary, CWS f BCV, p. 639.

Estelle A. Clary3 Feb 1914 —9 Jun 2003
Maynie P. Clary13 May 1906 —25 Mar 1957RIP
Maynard Peebles Clary married Estelle L. Abernathy, CWS f BCV, p. 642.

23 Oct 1951 —23 Oct 1951Infant son of Maynie & Estelle Clary

Henry T. Clary1860 —1946
Mary E. Clary1862 —1946
Mary E. Clary married Henry T. Clary, CWS f BCV, pp. 107, 109.

Emmett H. Clary1884 —1961
Maude S. Clary1885 —1963
Maude S. Shipley married Emmett Henry Clary, CWS f BCV, p. 109.

Charlotte Lee Tatum 
Partially imbedded in the ground, this stone may contain more information.

Lula K. Harrison1886 —1966
Lula Kennon Harrison, CWS f BCV, pp. 248-49.

Lawrence S. Tatum1905 —1967
Lawrence Stuart Tatum was the father of Charlotte Lee Tatum, who died at 9 years of age, CWS f BCV, p. 249.

Wiley Green Wright1909 —1986
Metal funeral home plate.
Incorrectly described as Wiley P. Wright, son of Mary and Oscar Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 640.

Oscar Wright23 Dec 1879 —2 Feb 1959
Mary F. Kidd Wright31 Dec 1891 —9 Feb 1984His Wife
Mary F. Kidd married Oscar Wright, CWS f BCV, p. 639.

Florence W. Williams29 Feb 1916 —11 Feb 1991

Charles R. Jones14 May 1953 —1 Jan 2006“Ricky”

Charles W. Jones13 May 1919 —
Pearl V. Jones28 Sep 1916 —19 Apr 1974The Hours Part Us But,
They Bring Us Together Again

Pearlie Josephine Jones1 Jun 1878 —2 Nov 1949We trust our loss will be
her gain, and that with
Christ she's
gone to resign.

Dewitt Gregg Clary5 Mar 1890 —19 Oct 1975

Elle Clary17 Jul 1892 —21 Sep 1941Wife of Gregg Clary
Ellen Clary married Dewitt Gregg Clary and were the parents of Leroy Clary buried nearby, CWS f BCV, pp. 109, 642.

Gregg Leroy Clary30 Mar 1920 —22 Apr 1978
A nearby Flat government-issued military stone is ingraved TEC US ARMY WORLD WAR II.

Martha Frances Clary1 Apr 1857 —5 Sep 1940At Rest
Martha Frances Moore married as his second wife, James Lundy Clary and was the mother of nearby Helen Frances Clary who married Andrew Jackson Clary. James Lundy Clary is in Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery, CWS f BCV, pp. 106, 108.

Jack Clary27 Aug 1884 —7 Jun 1959
Helen F. Clary8 Jan 1905 —7 Jun 1973

Vera L. Clary7 Oct 1911 —6 Jan 1999

Willie E. Clary6 Mar 1892 —12 Nov 1971

W.H. Clary1 Oct 1856 —24 Oct 1924

Annie E. Clary16 Apr 1864 —7 Feb 1943
Anne E. Lynch married as his second wife William H. Clary, and were the parents of Willie E. buried nearby, CWS f BCV, p. 117.

Cecil J. Kay Jr.30 Sep 1925 —26 Sep 1997
Maria A. Kay6 Mar 1927 —Wife

Cecil James Kay Jr.30 Sep 1925 —26 Sep 1997CAPT US AIR FORCE WORLD WAR II
Flat government-issued military stone.

??? 15, 1898 —14 May 1900???? Thomas & Henrietta Whitby
At Rest
This stone is broken top and bottom and nearby is a submerged stone.
Likely identical to Lillian Whitby, shown to be born 16 Jun. 1898, CWS f BCV, p. 602.

Henrietta Whitby —14 Oct 1905Wife of Thomas Whitby
Died Oct 14 1905 age 50 years
At Rest
Henriatta Lynch married Thomas C. Whitby, CWS f BCV, pp. 342, 602.

Ell????25 Sep 1906 —22 Jun 1907???? Thomas & Dora Whitby
Asleep in Jesus
Stone appears to have been broken and repaired.
Reported to be Ella Whitby, daughter of Thomas Whitby and Dora Ann Clary who are thought to have been buried nearby, CWS f BCV, p. 602.

Kristin Margaret Simmons6 May 2000 —6 May 2000

John W. Collier Jr.19 Jun 1952 —16 Jul 1952

John Wilbur Collier18 Jan 1922 —26 Oct 1958

Lela L. Weaver16 Mar 1882 —
Jencie V. Clary17 Jan 1890 —24 Feb 1950
Lelar Clary, sister of Jencie V. Clary, married Joseph P. Weaver, CWS f BCV, p. 106.

Benjamin F. Jones28 Jan 1890 —8 Oct 1948

Lucy King Jones14 Dec 1874 —16 Nov 1964Wife of B.F. Jones
Lucy Lavinia King married Benjamin F. Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 306.

Eva King30 Aug 1886 —2 Jan 1975Wife of Harry M. Jones
Eveline E. King sister of Lucy married Harry McClure Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 306.

Harry M. Jones25 Mar 1876 —29 Apr 1950At Rest

Dennie S. Delbridge31 Mar 1888 —12 Jan 1951

Wavie Clary Delbridge14 Dec 1889 —14 Jun 1959
Mamie W. Clary, whose birth record says Nannie W. Clary, married Dennie Delbridge, CWS f BCV, pp. 117, 156.

Marvin Delbridge30 Apr 1919 —24 Nov 1919

5 Jun 1909 —5 Jun 1909Infant son of D.S. & Wavie C. Delbidge

William P. Tatum Jr.14 Oct 1924 —28 Nov 2000
Marion M. Tatum21 Sep 1928 —
Stone contains the image of a church with the word “Clergy.”

William Pryor Tatum Jr.14 Oct 1924 —28 Nov 2000US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Flat government-issued military stone.

Sadie L. Harrison31 Jul 1908 —28 Jan 1909

Annie Elizabeth Harrison25 Apr 1872 —21 Mar 1943Wife of Walter D. Harrison
Walter D. Harrison15 Feb 1869 —3 Jan 1944Asleep in Jesus
Adjacent is an adult-size grave with rock at foot and head.
Anne Elizabeth Williams married Walter D. Harrison, CWS f BCV, pp. 248, 613.

Joel D. King COLEMAN'S CO.
Upright government-issued military stone.
Pvt. Joel Davis King lies near his second wife, Indianna Moseley, CWS f BCV, pp. 307-8.

J.D. King8 Jan 1823 —5 Aug 1904

India M. King19 Apr 1846 —29 Jan 1925Wife of J.D. King

James J. Moseley CO. G 21 VA INF C.S.A.
Upright government-issued military stone.
See CWS f BCV, p. 386.

Robert B. Stanley24 Apr 1849 —7 Jan 1920

Ann R. Ivey13 Aug 1828 —3 Sep 1911Wife of W.L. Ivey

Jennie Stanley18 Sep 1857 —19 Jan 1897Wife of R.B. Stanley

John Davie Stanley26 Apr 1884 —1 Feb 1902Son of R.B. & Jennie Stanley

William E. Stanley15 Nov 1886 —22 Mar 1917Son of R.B. & Jennie Stanley
Sleep on beloved,
Sweet be thy rest
We loved thee fondly
But God loved you best

William L. Stanley20 Sep 1836 —27 Jan 1909
Mary E. Stanley19 Aug 1852 —19 Feb 1908RIP
This stone has been broken and repaired. Nearby is a stone with the only visible inscription of Jan. 13, 1920.
Mary Drummond married William L. Stanley, CWS f BCV, p. 163.

Jack Stanley9 Sep 1881 —15 Dec 1905Sister
Asleep in Jesus

Lizzie Clark Whitby5 Nov 1882 —31 Jan 1947Wife of William F. Whitby
Gone But Not Forgotten

William F. Whitby25 Oct 1876 —28 Apr 1950Gone But Not Forgotten
Woodmen of the World Memorial.
Lizzie E. Clark married William F. Whitby, CWS f BCV, p. 104.

Perry W. Smart Sr.26 Nov 1923 —22 Mar 2004WW II
Thelma T. Smart19 Dec 1926 —Married Oct. 4, 1946
Love Like Ours Never Dies

Perry Woodward Smart Sr.26 Nov 1923 —22 Mar 2004US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Flat government-issued military stone.

Mattie R. Baird Reid22 Oct 1875 —28 Jan 1937Wife of J.W. Reid
Jacob W. Reid21 Mar 1870 —7 Jul 1947They are not dead
Jacob Washington Reid married Mattie Rebecca Baird and nearby are infant sons Hobson Reid and Branford Marks Reid whose markers a handmade of stone, CWS f BCV, p. 470.

H.F. Reed27 Feb 1902 —11 Apr 1903

B.M. Reed2 Feb 1907 —23 Jan 1908

N.H. Williams CO K. 63 VA INF C.S.A.
The 63rd Regiment was organized in Washington County, Virginia. Upright government-issued military stone.

E.S.A.W. At Rest.
Inscriptions on this stone are difficult to decipher.

James Rubin Williams12 Jun 1886 —22 Aug 1932At Rest

Wade Gilbert Jones8 May 1953 —25 May 1953Son of W.G. & Lucy Jones

Cleveland Lee Jones9 Jul 1884 —24 May 1948
Lucy Jack Jones23 Dec 1883 —27 Sep 1946Earth has no sorrow, that Heaven cannot heal
Nearby are rocks indicating 2 unidentified graves.

Charlie S. Jones7 Apr 1868 —4 Nov 1929
Rosa Whitby Jones11 Jul 1888 —23 May 1978

William Gilbert Jones26 Jul 1909 —1 Feb 1974
Lucy Jones Jones3 Jan 1911 —3 Apr 1991
Lucy Purdy Jones married William Gilbert Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 291.

James R. Bersch1920 —1991
Mattie W. Bersch1923 —

James Russell Bersch30 Sep 1920 —11 May 1991COMM US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Flat government-issued military stone.

Tommy Lamm13 Jul 1932 —18 Dec 2001PVT US ARMY KOREA

James L. Jones1849 —1911

John L. Waterman15 Oct 1876 —14 Apr 1940

Florrie W. King5 May 1878 —21 Dec 1898Wife of C.B. King
The remainder of the stone is unreadable.
Frances Waterman was the first wife of Charles Benjamin King, who is buried elsewhere in this cemetery, CWS f BCV, p. 308.

Martha R. Waterman1852 —1914

Wm. L. Taylor CO G 30 VA INF C.S.A.
Upright government-issued military stone.
Pvt. William L. Taylor married Caroline Elizabeth Nanny, buried next, CWS f BCV, p. 548.

Cornolie E. Taylor1824 —1854
This is a rock with metal plate.

Charles W. Godsey2 Oct 1864 —22 Jun 1943The Lord is My Shephart
Gone But Not Forgotten

George G. Jones6 Aug 1859 —23 Dec 1943
Mattie A. Jones11 Aug 1865 —31 Oct 1910Love Makes Memory Eternal
Nearby is a pair of stone indicating an adult grave.
George G. Jones married Mattie A. Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 283.

Upright government-issued military stone.
See CWS f BCV, p. 238.

Little William B. Jones14 Feb 1908 —2 Jun 1908Remeberance Our Baby
Infant Son of L.J. & Rosa J. Jones
Be us not dead, but sleep

Rosa Green Jones23 Sep 1873 —17 Sep 1949

Levi Johnson Jones4 Feb 1868 —8 Nov 1941
Levi Jones, age 5, and George Jones (above), age 11, were living in the household of Green Jones in Meherrin Township, Brunswick County in 1870, Family 363.
See CWS f BCV, p. 283.

An adult grave marked by stones.

Eva W. Black18 Aug 1907 —26 Feb 1988
Eva Harrison Williams married first Thomas Arthur Wright, CWS f BCV, pp. 248, 636.

Thomas A. Wright10 Oct 1890 —30 Jan 1936We Will Meet Again

Helen Williams25 Jun 1918 —27 Feb 1936
See CWS f BCV, p. 248.

Charles E. Williams31 Oct 1869 —24 Jul 1942
Jennie H. Williams10 Sep 1876 —29 May 1951
Charles Everett Williams married Virginia “Jennie” Clements Harrison and were the parents of Edwin, Helen, and Eva Harrison Williams, among others, CWS f BCV, pp. 248, 613, 636.

Clarence Edwin Williams1914 —1980
Ethel Cannon Williams1919 —2001At Rest

Harold E. Williams27 Sep 1945 —27 May 1993

Wayne Heckon Clary13 Oct 1935 —17 Mar 1937At Rest

Helen Newcomb Clary11 Apr 1910 —8 Aug 1988
Rufus H. Clary5 Jun 1910 —17 Dec 1990
Helen Newcomb married Rufus H. Clary, CWS f BCV, p. 106.

Leonard Linwood Clary2 Nov 1930 —25 Nov 1996
Rocky Lee Hedgepeth Clary2 Aug 1924 —5 Apr 1968I have fought a good fight,
I have finished my course,
I have kept the faith.
II Timothy 4:7

Jeffrey Scott Selby26 Sep 1982 —29 Mar 1996The Lord is My Shephard

John James Wall12 Mar 1888 —25 Dec 1951

Lloyd B. Wall8 Sep 1934 —
Ruth W. Wall30 Jan 1940 —17 Dec 2007In Loving Memory

Linwood W. Jones2 Mar 1923 —25 Apr 1923

1936 —1936Infant Child of Henry & Lottie Clary

Benjamin T. Jones9 Jul 1879 —27 Jan 1938
Sarah Elizabeth W. Jones11 Mar 1881 —5 Jan 1947
Sarah Elizabeth Wall married Benjamin Thomas Jones, CWS f BCV, p. 291.

Riddick G. Jones4 Oct 1899 —4 Mar 1965
The following stones are surrounded by a wrought iron fence and layered in white rocks. Everyone within is connected to Pvt. J.J. King

Clyde Ervin Delbridge11 Oct 1912 —21 Oct 1982
Mabel King Delbridge5 Apr 1912 —19 May 2002Faith, Hope, and Love
The Greatest of These is Love
Sarah Mabel King married Clyde E. Delbridge, CWS f BCV, pp. 156, 308.

Clyde Ervin Delbridge11 Oct 1912 —21 Oct 1982S SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II

Frances Walton King4 Sep 1923 —
James Skelton King7 Nov 1914 —21 Sep 1997“In Thee O Lord, Have I Put My Trust”
Virginia Frances Walton married James Skelton King, CWS f BCV, pp. 308, 585.

Samuel Kemp Moody4 Aug 1916 —19 Dec 1990My heart was happiest in the garden where God's love blossomed all around
Mary King Moody8 Sep 1920 —4 Mar 2005I give you a new commandment that you love one another. John 13:34
Mary Elizabeth King married Samuel Kemp Moody, CWS f BCV, p. 308.

Samuel Kemp Moody4 Aug 1916 —19 Dec 19901ST LT ARMY AIR CORPS WORLD WAR II

Charles B. Moore19 Dec 1861 —20 Jul 1934
Mary B. Moore16 Aug 1866 —8 Sep 1939We have fought a good fight, we have finished our course, we have kept the faith
Mary Bramley Pearson married Charles Benjamin Moore and were the parents of William Thomas Moore and of Mamie Beatrice Moore who married Charles Benjamin King, CWS f BCV, pp. 426-27.

Norene King Butler24 Sep 1909 —29 Aug 1976
F. Paige Butler2 Oct 1905 —15 Nov 1974The yesterdays are memories that are lived in the heart today
Norene Beatrice King married Frederick Paige Butler and were the parents of Charles K. Butler, CWS f BCV, p. 308.

Christine King Butler30 Mar 1970 —30 Mar 1970

Charles King Butler30 Mar 1945 —28 Dec 1969Semper Fidelis
“Always Faithful”
Lt. Butler's name is on Panel 15W, Row 102 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Lucy Tunstall King31 Aug 1907 —17 Dec 1963
Charles Milton King21 Sep 1907 —26 Mar 1955And I Give Unto Them Eternal Life
Lucy Tunstall married Charles Milton King, CWS f BCV, p. 308.

Mabel Floyd King18 Apr 1916 —
Thomas Jefferson King1 Nov 1917 —20 Oct 2005Married June 1, 1946
Mabel Thomas Floyd married Thomas J. King, CWS f BCV, p. 308.

Thomas Jefferson King1 Nov 1917 —20 Oct 2005SF2 US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Flat government-issued military stone.

Dr. William Thomas Moore13 Mar 1884 —29 Oct 1918They who knew him best
will bless his name
And keep his memory
dear while life shall last.
See CWS f BCV, p. 426.

Charles B. King21 Jan 1868 —12 Feb 1933They Life Was Beauty, Truth, Goodness and Love.
Mamie Moore King29 Jan 1887 —21 Apr 1969
Mamie Beatrice Moore married as his second wife Charles Benjamin King, son of J.J. King, CWS f BCV, p. 308.

William Shelton King3 Jul 1905 —19 May 1908Son of C.B. & Mamie B. King
O cease dear parents, cease your weeping, above the spot where I am sleeping. My time was short and blessed be He that called me to eternity.

30 Jan 1901 —31 Jan 1901Our darling BABE, infant son of C.B. & Mamie B. King
Verse is unreadable.

Bella King Stanley3 May 1870 —12 Oct 1959In My Father's House Are Many Mansions.
Arabella Gertrude King, daughter of J.J. King, married Willie Pierce Stanley who is buired south of Roanoke Rapids, NC, CWS f BCV, pp. 308, 524.

J.J. King29 Mar 1842 —10 Feb 1907Our Father
The sweetest father of the past, Shall flow ?????? they sleep in dust.
Pvt. John James King married first Sarah Virginia Minor Rawlings and second, Mary L. Baird, CWS f BCV, p. 308.

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