Warfield Cemetery
Located in the woods off Flat Rock Rd. (Route 643) in Warfield. The cemetery is about 80 ft x 80 ft. A memorial identifies the site as the location of the first church built in 1905.
Latitude:36º 53' 56.0" N   (36.898889)
Longitude:77º 49' 10.0" W   (-77.819444)

This cemetery has approximately 6 sections in it. The first section that mainly consists of Hawks is in very poor shape. The fence has fallen down and thorns and vines have taken over the graves and headstones. At least one of the stones had fallen over and had to be pried from the vines in order to even read what was on it.
Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia refers to this cemetery as both Warfield Cemetery and the Hawks Family Cemetery. Considering the large number of people buried here, we are classifying it as a community cemetery.
A memorial reads, SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF MRS. MARY E. LUCY BORN DEC. 2.1825. DEPARTED THIS LIFE APRIL 17, 1907. The founder and nourisher of this Church. She being dead yet speaketh.
Mary lies buried in the Lucy Family Cemetery, Dolphin.
Section 1

Charlie B. Hawkes11 Apr 1872 —7 Mar 1907Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Hawkes
See CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Willie B. Hawks28 Apr 1870 —14 Jan 1929
William B. Hawks, son of Charles and Julia Hawks, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Julia C. Hawkes10 Mar 1846 —8 Jun 1902Wife of C.H. Hawkes
Julietta C. Coleman, wife of Charles H. Hawks, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Charles H. HawkesApril 3 1839 —4 Feb 1902Husband of Julia C. Hawkes
Cpl. Charles H. Hawks, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Ina May Hawks3 May 1880 —7 Apr 1929Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Hawks
Irma Hawks, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Peter A. Hawks28 Oct 1876 —27 Jun 1930Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hawks
Peter Algernon Hawks, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Section 2

Tommy Dale Coleman17 Sep 1948 —10 Dec 1997

Cornelia A. Coleman9 Jun 1851 —11 Oct 1918Wife of Scott Coleman
Cornelia Hawks, wife of Scott W. Coleman, CWS f BCV, pp. 125-26.

Scott W. Coleman4 May 1840 —14 May 1888
Pvt. Winfield Scott Coleman, CWS f BCV, pp. 125-26.

Myrtle C. Coleman17 Aug 1895 —31 May 1973

George E. Coleman Sr.24 Mar 1887 —6 May 1947
George Edward Coleman, CWS f BCV, p. 125.

Robert Watkins Cunningham11 May 1926 —3 Jan 1980
See CWS f BCV, p. 138.

Laura S. Cunningham4 Oct 1901 —23 May 1967
Laura Frances Samford, wife of Robert K. Cunningham, CWS f BCV, p. 138.

R.K. Cunningham Jr.30 Dec 1901 —10 Feb 1951
Robert Kirkland Cunningham Jr., CWS f BCV, p. 138.

Louise Burfoot Hawks7 Aug 1892 —17 Sep 1893Infant Daughter of E.D. & S.L. Hawks

Lawrence W. Hawks1 Jun 1877 —30 Sep 1913

David S. Cunningham8 Aug 1909 —30 Oct 1909Son of R.K. & M.H. Cunningham

John E. Hawks3 Dec 1838 —18 Feb 1880
Pvt. John Edward Hawks, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Adelia K. Hawks19 Jan 1845 —10 Jul 1910
Adelia Wildman Kirkland, wife of John E. Hawks, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

Peter A. Hawks20 May 1843 —3 Jun 1907
See CWS f BCV, p. 254.

Minnie A. Hawks3 Apr 1869 —7 Sep 1940Wife of R.K. Cunningham
Mary Aramintha Hawks, daughter of John E. Hawks and first wife of Robert K. Cunningham Sr., CWS f BCV, p. 138.

Robert K. Cunningham Sr.5 May 1874 —17 Feb 1958
Robert Kirkland Cunningham Sr., CWS f BCV, p. 138.

Section 3

Lillian F. Cheely28 Mar 1902 —18 Mar 1961

Cralle D. Cheely28 Feb 1900 —6 Apr 1969
Cralle David Cheely, son of Robert L. and Linda Cheely, CWS f BCV, p. 254.

Linda H. Cheely15 Mar 1872 —22 Jan 1922Wife of R.L. Cheely
Linda Iowa Cheely, wife of Robert L. Cheely, CWS f BCV, p. 254.

Robert L. Cheely12 Feb 1864 —30 May 1916
Robert Lee Cheely, CWS f BCV, p. 254.

Rux Cheely13 Aug 1891 —4 Dec 1905

Raymond L. Cheely1 May 1908 —6 Aug 1908

Shelton W. Cheely17 Mar 1902 —22 Jan 1904
See CWS f BCV, p. 101.

C. Oldham Cheely22 Dec 1908 —4 Aug 1919

Mary L. Stulz28 Jul 1905 —24 Oct 1905Daughter of J.W. & M.J. Stulz

Martha E. Stulz28 Jul 1905 —7 Dec 1905Daughter of J.W. & M.J. Stulz

Raymond W. Stulz5 Oct 1903 —9 Mar 1941
Raymond Lee Stultz, CWS f BCV, p. 257.

Outside the fenced area of Section 3

Johnson W. Stulz29 Feb 1870 —24 Aug 1946
1870 had no February 29.

Martha J. Stulz23 Sep 1868 —27 Dec 1928Wife of J.W. Stulz

Laura J. Stulz Daughter of J.W. & M.J. Stulz
The following additional transcriptions were later located.

Thomas Cleveland Gibbs Sr.1 Sep 1879 —15 Nov 1925
See CWS f BCV, p. 213.

Thomas Cleveland Gibbs Jr.11 May 1912 —24 Jan 1930

Joseph Baxter Lucy1830 —30 Dec 1894

Lucy Ann Lucy —17 Feb 1888Mother
Died Feb 17, 1888
age 48 yrs
Lucy Ann Drake, wife of Joseph Baxter Lucy. Daughter of John D. & Mary P. Drake.
See CWS f BCV, p. 161.

Mary E. Lucy2 Dec 1825 —17 Apr 1907

Samuel Kelly Lucy7 Feb 1801 —15 Feb 1876
See CWS f BCV, pp. 68, 279, 497, 501.

Virginia Iowa Lucy20 Feb 1841 —1887

Ophelia Elizabeth Lucy Short24 Jun 1850 —24 Apr 1920

Francis Marion Newsom20 Sep 1852 —14 Oct 1930

Mattie Newsom16 Sep 1857 —13 Feb 1922She was a kind and
affectionate wife,
a fond mother and a
friend to all
Martha “Mattie” Samuel Lucy, daughter of S.K. Lucy, married Francis M. Newsom.

Ashlena Stanfield Lucy Short14 Feb 1843 —5 Jul 1902
Ashlena Stanfield Lucy married Pvt. William Albert Short, both of whom are said to have been buried in the Short Family Cemetery near Antioch Methodist Church, CWS f BCV, pp. 501-2.

Gertrude Boisseau Short2 Jun 1885 —2 Jul 1888

Hertie Boisseau Short1884 —2 Jul 1886

Richard T. Short —30 Nov 1834Age 46 yrs.

Richard Turner Short Sr.1820 —1849Son of Wylie & Frances Harrison Short

Samuel Turner Short5 Feb 1880 —23 Apr 1902

Robert Franklin Bain12 Nov 1932 —30 Sep 2001
Jean Melton Bain20 Jan 1941 —

James Frederick Young16 Dec 1936 —20 Sep 2007

James Collier Ogburn Jr.10 Jan 1924 —22 Feb 2001
Margaret Young Ogburn27 Nov 1926 —27 Apr 2007
James bears the Masonic Square and Compass Emblem; Margaret bears the Order of the Eastern Star Emblem.

September Sharon Wilson11 Sep 1976 —17 Aug 2008

Summer Jade Archer4 Aug 2003 —16 Aug 2008Daughter
Robert Charles Archer28 Dec 1974 —Father

Maurice Freeman Bottoms17 Oct 1940 —12 Feb 2004US AIR FORCE

Tommy Winchell Elliott5 Jul 1945 —8 Jan 2009

George F. Elliott5 Jun 1940 —16 Jan 2011
According to Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia, Pvt. Berthier Bott Hawks and his wife, Martha Beryl Kirkland, are buried here. A Confederate marker is above his grave, CWS f BCV, p. 253.

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