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Eanes Martha MildredSteed Family Cemetery
Pattie R.Eanes Family Cemetery
Robert W.      "      "

Earl MalissaNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery

Earle MarjorieConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Easter Corey L.Easter Family Cemetery
Donald Durent Sr.      "      "
Lawrence A. “Stone” Sr.      "      "
Marcea P.      "      "
Shaun LaNealSt. James Episcopal Church Cemetery

Eastwood Rocky L.Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery
Ruth CallisRocky Run United Methodist Church Cemetery
Sheila M.Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery
ThelmaOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
ThurmanLebanon Methodist Church Cemetery
Thurman L.      "      "
Willie LeeRocky Run United Methodist Church Cemetery

Echols Lillian PritchettLebanon Methodist Church Cemetery

Edenbeck BerlyProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Charlie W.Ebony Assembly of God Church Cemetery
ElizabethProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Elmer GeneEbony Assembly of God Church Cemetery
Harry ByrdProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Hattie K.      "      "
Jasper H.      "      "
KatieEbony Assembly of God Church Cemetery
Kimberly F.Prospect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Larry N.      "      "
Mary Florence      "      "
Richard      "      "
Roger E.Ebony Assembly of God Church Cemetery
Susie      "      "
Virginia      "      "
Willie      "      "
Willie J.      "      "

Edmonds A.W.Edmonds Family Cemetery
Ada J.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Anderson CliftonPerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Arthur N.Hickory Run Baptist Church Cemetery
Aubrey B.James Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Benjamin AllenEdmonds Family Cemetery
Benjamin      "      "
Benjamin W.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Bennie NicklinsonWilliams Methodist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Bernice MaeJonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
C. EugeneOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Calvin L.Mount Pleasant Church Cemetery
Carrie ClaryEdmonds Family Cemetery
Clarence A,. Jr.Dundas Baptist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Clarence A. (Dick) Sr.      "      "
Cora FrancesEdmonds Family Cemetery
Corrine C.James Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Crystal M.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
CynthiaNew Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
DomaEdmonds Family Cemetery
Elizabeth E.James Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Elizabeth SmithOakwood Park Addition
Emma B.Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Essie HodgeDundas Baptist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
EthelEvans Family Cemetery
Ethel MildredPerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Eva ClaryOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Everett W.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Forest S.Mt. Zion Church AME Cemetery
Frank E.Hickory Run Baptist Church Cemetery
Geneva M.      "      "
George AllenWhite Rock AME Zion Church Cemetery
George McKinleyHickory Run Baptist Church Cemetery
Gertie LeeRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Helen AndersonPerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Henrietta D.Edmonds Family Cemetery
Henry B.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Hurbert E.Edmonds Family Cemetery
IreneWhite Rock AME Zion Church Cemetery
Isaiah      "      "
James A.Mt. Zion Church AME Cemetery
James E.Hickory Run Baptist Church Cemetery
James L.Oakwood Park Addition
Jane EllenEvans Family Cemetery
John AlfredJonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
JohnEdmonds Family Cemetery
John      "      "
Joseph AlfredJonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
Joyce L.Dundas Baptist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Julia E.Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Julia MaeTaylor's Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church Cemetery
Kerry W.James Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Lillie B.Hickory Run Baptist Church Cemetery
Lillie WilkinsEdmonds Family Cemetery
Lonnie EllisOakwood Park Addition
Lonnie Eugene      "      "
LottiePerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Lottie KateWhite Rock AME Zion Church Cemetery
Louis AtwellOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
LouiseMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Lucy W.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Luther K.Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Margaret GrizzardOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Martha AnnieJames Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Martha FinchEdmonds Family Cemetery
Mary E.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Mary ElizabethWilliams Methodist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Mary SmithOakwood Park Addition
Mary VirgieMount Pleasant Church Cemetery
Nicky RayOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Pauline C.Little Mount Church Cemetery
Rena JohnsonOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Richard AtlasEdmonds Family Cemetery
Richard SterlingWhite Rock AME Zion Church Cemetery
Robert      "      "
Robert Thomas Jr.Jonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
RogerWhite Rock AME Zion Church Cemetery
Rosa LeeEdmonds Family Cemetery
Rosa P.Jerusalem RZUA Church Cemetery
Sallie AnnJonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
SamanthaOakwood Cemetery, Section 7
SueWhite Rock AME Zion Church Cemetery
TamlinEvans Family Cemetery
Thelma EastwoodOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Thomas L.Taylor's Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church Cemetery
Thos A.White Rock AME Zion Church Cemetery
Tom      "      "
W. L.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
W. RiversEdmonds Family Cemetery
W.W.      "      "
Walter NewtonPerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
William A.James Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Willie E.Williams Methodist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Willie L.Edmonds Family Cemetery
Willie LloydOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Wilma H.James Square Baptist Church Cemetery

Edmunds A.C.Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Annie      "      "
Bessie      "      "
EdithChristian Antioch Church in Christ 5 Church Cemetery
Elizabeth GrayLewis Family Cemetery at “Woodstock”
Elizabeth L.David C. Clary Family Cemetery
Emma Jones JacksonWilliams Methodist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
G.W.Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Indianna HarrisonBethany United Methodist Church Cemetery
J.F.Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
James B.Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
John F.Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
John R.Williams Methodist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Julie Catherine FieldsEvans Family Cemetery
Lucy A.P. McILwaineConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Lucy Ann      "      "
Lula F.      "      "
Mahala AnneJames Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Maria LouiseConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Maria O. EvansEvans Family Cemetery
MattieConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Mattie LeeRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Nannie ThweattConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Pearl VirginiaWilliams Methodist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Richard Henry      "      "
Rosa C.Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Sallie Belle      "      "
Thomas CastletonConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Thomas Fitzgerald      "      "
William H.      "      "

Edwards Addie C.Evans Family Cemetery
Algie LeeOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
AlicePelhams United Methodist Church Cemetery
AliceNew Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
Alma J.Mt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery
AlvinBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Alyssa NicholeCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Annie UtleyMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Bryant Wyche      "      "
CarolProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Carrie RawlingsOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Charlie W.Edwards Family Cemetery
Clarence L.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Daisy BraswellOakwood Cemetery, Section 4
DoraMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
DorisEdwards Family Cemetery
Doris M.Matthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Dorothy MayOakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Earl SmithOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Eddie L.Matthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Edith Elmore HudsonNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Elizabeth (House)James Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Ethel RaneyOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
GwenOakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Hubert LightfootProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Ida JosephineWright Family Cemetery
J.W.Edwards Family Cemetery
James FrankOakwood Cemetery, Section 4
Jasper Wallace Sr.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
JennieEdwards Family Cemetery
JesseBuck Wright Family Cemetery
Joanne C.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
JohnDavid C. Clary Family Cemetery
JohnWright Family Cemetery at “Woodview”
John W.Edwards Family Cemetery
Johnnie J.      "      "
Johnny J.      "      "
JordanMt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery
Joseph A.Edwards Family Cemetery
Joseph B.      "      "
Joseph W.      "      "
Karen ReneeOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
LillaOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Lorena W.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Lottie B.Matthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
MaeJames Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Marion Elizabeth      "      "
Mary A.Buck Wright Family Cemetery
Mary EdnaEdwards Family Cemetery
Mary M.      "      "
Mary S.      "      "
Matthew BlakeBethany United Methodist Church Cemetery
MaxieKing-Williams-Edwards Family Cemetery
Melvin RandolphMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
NelliePerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Nora MayEdwards Family Cemetery
Norma ShortMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Pauline MoseleyProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Pearl W.Matthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Phylece BayleyOakwood Cemetery, Section 2
PhyllisOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
R.W.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Rebecca AnnBuck Wright Family Cemetery
RebeccaCarroll Family Cemetery - Ebony
Robbie HartProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Robert SamuelOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Ruby V.Jones-Wright Family Cemetery
Sallie LouEdwards Family Cemetery
Sally L.      "      "
Sarah A.John A. Clary Family Cemetery
Sarah ElizabethBuck Wright Family Cemetery
ThelmaReedy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
TroyNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Virgie C.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
W. L.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Walter R.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Walter T.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Willie Maie      "      "
Wilton WoodMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Eggleston Joseph Henderson Jr.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Joseph Henderson      "      "
Massie      "      "
Willie Harris      "      "

Elam AlmaOakwood Cemetery, Section 3
CharlesOakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Daisy L.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
J.D.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 4
Lucy JacksonOakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Mildred L.New Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
Russell J.      "      "

Elder GeorgeFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
George W.      "      "
Phillip WayneOakwood Cemetery, Section 1

Eldridge Elizabeth (Jones)Wilkins-Jones-Peterson Family Cemetery

Eleam Carrie T.First Baptist Church Cemetery

Elerue DavidSmith-Paraiso-Elerue Family Cemetery (Black)
Jacob J.      "      "
Jobo      "      "
Lucy J.      "      "

Ellington Arthur F.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 7
Emma R.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Joe Frederick      "      "
Katherine      "      "
Malissa C.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 7
Nannie S.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Stella M.      "      "

Elliott Arthur GrahamReedy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
George F.Warfield Cemetery
Rebecca W.Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
Thelma BartonBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Tommy WinchellWarfield Cemetery

Ellis Adolphus WhiteEllis Family Cemetery
Albert A.      "      "
AnniePleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Catherine AliceRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Cleveland E.Matthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Doma ClaryEllis Family Cemetery
Dorothy KiddProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Dorothy M.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
EdithEllis Family Cemetery
Edward CliftonProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Edward NelsonOld Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
Ella WhitlockEllis Family Cemetery
Estelle W.Matthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Flora LouisaRichard A. Kirkland Family Cemetery
Florence FleshoodOakwood Cemetery, Section 3
Francis Marion Sr.Philadelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery
George EdwardOld Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
George WesleyCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Gladys DelbridgeOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Grace C.Ellis Family Cemetery
IreneSamuel C. Sadler Family Cemetery
James KellyOld Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
James PleasantOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
JanetEllis Family Cemetery
Jesse Lawrence      "      "
Julia T.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 3
Juvenile MurrayMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Martha EllaNew Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
Mary ElizabethSt. Mark's Episcopal Church Cemetery
Mary W.Ellis Family Cemetery
Murray AycockMatthews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Nellie PeaceOld Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
Noel C. (Pappy)Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
OsborneFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
Pattie      "      "
Rachel DuggerOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Raddie F.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 3
Raddie Francis Jr.      "      "
Ray MiltonFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
ReginaldOakwood Cemetery, Section 3
Rosa JonesHickory Run Baptist Church Cemetery
Susie BairdNew Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
Wesley G.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
William A.First Baptist Church Cemetery
Willie B.Ellis Family Cemetery
WoodrowJohn Jackson Wesson Family Cemetery

Elmore Adoulphus C.Johnson Family Cemetery
Albert A.Gunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Alice EstelleThomas Elmore Family Cemetery
Alice MaeNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Anderson B.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
AndersonAnderson Elmore Family Cemetery
Anne SherrodNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Annie Lee      "      "
Annie SarahJohnson Family Cemetery
Audrey GriffinBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Benjamin C.      "      "
Bernard E.New Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Bernard EverettGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Carrie      "      "
David E.John E. Abernathy Family Cemetery
Delia Ann BowenNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Desdamona V.John E. Abernathy Family Cemetery
EdithNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Edward J.John E. Abernathy Family Cemetery
Eleanor SueBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Elvin Shapard      "      "
Emmett E.Gunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Estelle HardyThomas Elmore Family Cemetery
EthelGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
EudoraJohnson Family Cemetery
Fletcher LeighBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Fletcher M.      "      "
Frank E.Gunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Frank WilliamsonNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
George LeonardThomas Elmore Family Cemetery
Hattie OlinBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Hector LeeNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Henrietta Jane Bowen      "      "
Henrietta V.Anderson Elmore Family Cemetery
Herman BassettGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Ida MaeJohnson Family Cemetery
Indie BrimGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Isla ChamblissBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
J.H.Gunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
James A.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 4
James EdgarNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
James H.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
John EdwardRichardson-Stone Family Cemetery
Julia EttaEbenezer Community Church Cemetery
Kathleen PrinceBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Lawrence EdwardNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Lawrence PrestonBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Lelia HawthorneNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Lillie StewartOakwood Cemetery, Section 4
Lizzie LeeAnderson Elmore Family Cemetery
Lottie WilliamsBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Lucy JaneGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
MableBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
MableOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
MaggieBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Magnita Lane      "      "
Margaret HendrickOakwood Cemetery, Section 4
Marinda FrancesAntioch United Methodist Church Cemetery
Mark HintonGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Mary AugustaAnderson Elmore Family Cemetery
MaryPritchett Family Cemetery
Mary EttaGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Mary LouiseOakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Mary OctaviaTrinity Episcopal Church Cemetery
Mary SusanPryor Daniel Family Cemetery
Mary WhiteheadOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
MaryettaBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Mattie Cora ColemanOakwood Cemetery, Section 4
Mattie SueOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Nell TurnbullOakwood Cemetery, Section 3
Ophelia E.Gunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
PattieBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
PattieJonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery
R. FentonRocky Run United Methodist Church Cemetery
Richard Gregory      "      "
Robert AndersonThomas Family Cemetery - Alberta
RosaBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Rosa G.Thomas Elmore Family Cemetery
Rosa R.B.John E. Abernathy Family Cemetery
RubyNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Sarah BaconRocky Run United Methodist Church Cemetery
Sarah FrancesGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Susan Gunn      "      "
T.T.Thomas Elmore Family Cemetery
Thelma E.Gunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
Thelma H.New Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Thelma O'Dell      "      "
Thomas Milton Jr.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
VictoriaBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
W. TignalAnderson Elmore Family Cemetery
Wilbur T.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 4
William AlbertGunn-Elmore Family Cemetery
William EmoryOakwood Cemetery, Section 3
Wilton P.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Wm. F.Anderson Elmore Family Cemetery

Ennis EdwardCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)

Epperson Ada B.Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
Ann C.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Blanche      "      "
Clinton LewisOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Daphne      "      "
Edward A.Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Electra Lewis      "      "
Fannie Lee      "      "
Fannie SterlingNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
George HenleyBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
H.A.Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Henry A.Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
Herbert MilesNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
IreneEbenezer Community Church Cemetery
J.E.Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
James E.      "      "
James O.      "      "
James S.      "      "
JanieNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Janie T.      "      "
Kate W.Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
KatherinePleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Laura J.      "      "
LillianEbenezer Community Church Cemetery
Lillian      "      "
Louis M.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Louise TaylorOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Lucy (Bishop)Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
Maggie HallPleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Mary JaneSmith Harrison Family Cemetery
Mary LouBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Mattie J.      "      "
Mattie S.Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Nancy JaneEpperson Family Cemetery
Nannie EllaBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Nannie EllaEpperson Family Cemetery
Nicholas A.Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
Nicholas H.New Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Nicholas HardawayEpperson Family Cemetery
Nicholas RosserBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Nora EttaPleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Norborne S.Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
NoreneBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Norman S.Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery
Ola SuePleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Otelia L.      "      "
Otho Peebles      "      "
Ray W.Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Richard HardawayEpperson Family Cemetery
Robert LeePleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Sallie PattieBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Scott      "      "
Virlinda BrownNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
W.D.Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
WeldaEbenezer Community Church Cemetery
William E.Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Willie Ashton      "      "
Wilson M. Jr.      "      "
Wilson Matthews      "      "

Epps Archer JosephTrinity Episcopal Church Cemetery
Archerbald J.      "      "
Ashton Jr.Reedy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Ashton Starke Jr.      "      "
Doris C.Philadelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery
Frances GlidewellReedy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
JohnLittle Zion Church RZUA Cemetery
Rodney BanePhiladelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery
Susan H.Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery
William B.Philadelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery
Wm. Braxton      "      "

Ericson Ruth L.St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery

Estes Adrienne PhillipsPhiladelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery
Guy      "      "

Ettenger Joseph H.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 2
Laura B.      "      "
Laura J.      "      "

Evans Addie B.First Baptist Church Cemetery
Adolphus L.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
CaraJerusalem RZUA Church Cemetery
Charlie L.Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
Colonel      "      "
Colonel W. Jr.      "      "
Dallas      "      "
David RandallOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Debra L.First Baptist Church Cemetery
FannieEvans Family Cemetery
George      "      "
Ida Rook TaylorPhiladelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery
James A. “Jim”Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
James V.Prospect United Methodist Church Cemetery
John J.First Baptist Church Cemetery
John LawsieEvans Family Cemetery
John R.Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
John W.Evans Family Cemetery
John W.First Baptist Church Cemetery
Johnny PeytonOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
JosephineMt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
Julia MasonEvans Family Cemetery
Lacy G.Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
M. Clem      "      "
Madeline J.      "      "
Maria O.Evans Family Cemetery
Mary MagdaleneEdwards Family Cemetery
MildredColumbus Pearson Family Cemetery
Morris O. Jr.Little Mount Church Cemetery
Nadine M.Prospect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Patricia LucyOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Rebecca KiddOakwood Park Cemetery, Section B
Robert L.Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
Ronald LeeProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Sidney JacksonEvans Family Cemetery

Ezell Alice MayBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Alice MayRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Alice May      "      "
Buckner Davis      "      "
George Davis      "      "
George Gregg      "      "
Louise Evelyn      "      "
Louise Evelyn      "      "
Maggie MayOakwood Cemetery, Section 4
Martha F.Rock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Mary Ann May      "      "
Mary Jane      "      "
Mary Lloyd      "      "
Mattie Twisdale BottomsCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Meta SewardRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Sayde Taylor      "      "
Whillie R.Moore-Whitby Family Cemetery
WilliamCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
William Rosser, MDRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Willie Robert      "      "

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