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Vaiden John Bolling, M.D.Oakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Lottie O.      "      "

Valentine Annie Laurie BoothOakwood Cemetery, Section 7
Carrie EmmaValentine Family Cemetery
Emma Rawlings      "      "
Fannie Bernice      "      "
Herbert E.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 7
Lottie ClaireValentine Family Cemetery
Louis RandolphRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Lula VirginiaProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Mary Lillie      "      "
Mattie KiddRock United Methodist Church Cemetery
Mattie M.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 7
Rebecca ElizabethProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
Rodger LeonBishop Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Rodger      "      "
Salena JamesProspect United Methodist Church Cemetery
W.H.Valentine Family Cemetery

Varnier Susan E.Edgerton Memorial Cemetery

Vaughan AdaPerseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Betty H.Leroy James Clary Family Cemetery
Charlie J.      "      "
Charlie Lee      "      "
Claude Percious      "      "
DorisOakwood Park Cemetery, Section A
Ella ElizabethNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Ethel B.Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
EttaConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Francis AndersonOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Frederick JonesOakwood Cemetery, South Beach Section
George PercyOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
GeorgiannaJohn Eddie Daniel Family Cemetery
Helen J.Dundas Baptist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Helen James      "      "
HilliardFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
Inas HymanLeroy James Clary Family Cemetery
James AlbertisAntioch United Methodist Church Cemetery
JohnJames Square Baptist Church Cemetery
Katherine VirginiaNew Hope Christian Church Cemetery
Lillian AnneOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Louida C.Leroy James Clary Family Cemetery
Lucius G.      "      "
Mamie M.Canaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Mary BellFirst Baptist Church Cemetery
Mary LouiseBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Mary PearlCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)
Portia JeanetteDundas Baptist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Roberta Ann ElizabethVaughan Family Cemetery
Roberta Ann ElizabethVaughan Family Cemetery - Dolphin
RuthOakwood Cemetery, Section 8
Thomas W.Ebony Assembly of God Church Cemetery
Vernon V.Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)
Virginia      "      "
William H.Oakwood Cemetery, Section 8
William L.Leroy James Clary Family Cemetery
Wilson P.First Baptist Church Cemetery

Vaughn AnnieConcord Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Venable Margaret McDowellUnion Presbyterian Church Cemetery
William H.      "      "

Vick Louisa MargaretNorwood-Pearson Family Cemetery

Vinall Margaret GoodwynDundas Baptist Church Cemetery (Lunenburg)

Vincent Benjamin J.Mason Family Cemetery - Valentines
Sallie E.New Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery
TempieBethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Walter FennerVincent-Delbridge Family Cemetery

Viverette Evelyn LewisCanaan Cemetery (Mecklenburg)

Voorhees Dorothy S.Edgerton Memorial Cemetery
Helen D.      "      "
Walter S.      "      "
Walter W.      "      "

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